In the search for B2B lead generation, designing marketing strategies that benefit ROI turns out to be the main job. Marketing agencies are constantly changing these to test which ones generate the best results. However, the practice for years of companies has shown that a series of strategies are recommended to be applied constantly and permanently in the procedures.

The reason?
They have worked for a long time and continue to work.
Let’s consider a marketing criterion, and that is that each action is based on studies that include numerical figures, accurate data, and statistics. If something is proven to work, logic tells us to continue doing it.
But, what are these strategies that are recommended to be applied fixedly?

Five marketing strategies that you should not stop applying

Make cold calls:

Cold calls give excellent results. If applied with a plan, what does this mean?
Making calls to explain what we do is not very interesting to people. But, if we communicate knowing in advance what needs they have and how we can help them, then the results can be quite positive.
Another thing that we can offer in the calls is offers and promotions.
Try in all this to talk about yourself and not about others.

Invest in case studies:

This is important to observe, study, and analyze successful campaigns of other companies, emphasizing current validity. Past experiences turn out to be an excellent guide for planning. But also, create case studies of your clients and make them public. With this, your work team can learn a little more, and your clients will also be able to observe that what you do works.

Invest in Account-Based Marketing

ABM (or account-based marketing, in English) is an alternative to B2B strategies, the design of personalized campaigns to connect with accounts is an exciting investment of resources. The meaning is to concentrate the attributes and needs in certain accounts to obtain positive results. A 2014 ITSMA account-based marketing survey found that “ABM outperforms any B2B marketing tactic or strategy.”

Create Videos

The creation of videos is attractive for providers and buyers. Research on marketing effectiveness affirms that a large part of the leads generated in their campaigns is due to videos. Today’s stronger digital platforms are giving special prominence to this audiovisual format. The reasons are pretty straightforward: consumers prefer video as an informational, promotional, and other media. The creation of videos can create seminars, descriptions of services, and solutions for publishing content on social networks.

Participate in question-based platforms

Participating in this type of platform allows the companies that ask their potential clients what their concerns are. This will enable them to evaluate if they can solve them.

You can apply these strategies constantly, and you will notice the results over time. Remember that generating conversion leads is a goal that must be worked on over time.

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