The key formula for finding content marketing success is to try a small thing, despite its results, market these results to a higher level, and then earn some budget for spending on your further efforts. As a result, when these efforts come up with more profitable results, you can earn more trust and consequently more budget. Most of the people who now own a successful content marketing function only had small teams on a smaller level or even one team. Content marketing does not have to be expensive or complicated. You can begin it with a low budget.

This article will discuss how we can find marketing success in three budget scenarios. 

The term no budget refers to the absence of specific funds solely allocated to content marketing. In this scenario, you can borrow some funds from the demand generation team. Your lead efforts can be focused on webinars. You can host about 2 to 4 webinars every month, which will feature customers, employees, and partners. 

No Budget: Build Organic Content

Grasp the expertise of presenter and webinar presentation content for creating content. You can also do an email interview with the presenter before the webinar. An email containing webinar topic-related questions can be sent to the presenter. 

If you find enough material in the answers, you may turn these into blogs. On the contrary, you can publish the question answers in the blog. Moreover, you can link to the registration page for the next webinar. After the webinar, you can upload the slides to SlideShare and post a summary blog. 

A small budget of range $500 to $10,000:

 Recruit Authors with Experience

Once you are sure that content marketing is working and start making a budget, you can go ahead with a small budget of $500 to $10,000. Even if you are the only team member, you can gather a virtual team using a small budget. Content related to the product can be created with the help of subject experts. With this budget, you can also hire freelance writers for content related to specific topics. For finding expert writers, you do not need referrals or recommendations. You can browse the website that you trust and look for the content that freelance writers write. After viewing many articles of the same writer, that you find well-written and valuable, you can reach out to him and ask for his availability, whether he is free for your assignment or not. 

Medium Budget of around $10,000 to $30,000:

 Find the Right Partner

In the budget range of $10,000 to $30,000, you can now become a partner with an organization doing industry research. This organization can be a non-competitive vendor, a non-profit association, or a research organization. Go with the partner organization having an audience similar to your customer profile. You can also be a partner with an organization having access to data gained directly from the customers that your customers will find compelling. 

This partnership is best when both parties are equal partners. If your partner creates data for a research report using surveys, you should have the power to influence the survey structure and the particular questions used. In making the final product, you will have the right to control the layout, narrative, and way of data presentation. 

If this goes well, you will be able to:

  • Create helpful content for the target audience that you would not be able to do by yourself. 
  • Publish research that your audience perceives as valuable and valuable. 

It can be seen often that elegant and creative solutions emerge from limitations and restrictions. This is particularly correct for content marketers that have a limited budget. Gradually, you will have a luxury 6 or 7-digit marketing budget with time. You can start even from zero budget and try to maximize your output from your efforts. Your oversight determines your success. You have to look at your content marketing closely. You cannot forget it after setting it. Successful content marketing can change your business from an unknown company to a famous brand. 

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