Who doesn’t want a company worth millions of dollars? Growth is something that should be given special attention and much more so if it is observed that it is happening rapidly.

Business growth: positive or negative

Growth is the company’s main objective, but whether this defines it is something positive or negative for the organization is challenging to determine. It defines that something is happening and should not be ignored because accelerated outliers are not necessarily a reflection of a healthy company. While the amount of revenue is essential for a company, this is not the only aspect to consider when you think about your business. The real health of a company can be found in its ability to adapt to new circumstances and conditions. The business environment changes continuously, and it is essential to have a system or process that will allow you to respond quickly to survive and thrive.

Let’s see why

  1. Look at your numbers: The analysis of the numbers is critical, but it must be done by taking the correct values. In this sense, try to avoid the mistake of measuring growth by the amount of income that enters a given period. Instead, growth is measured by profits made.
  2. Control and monitor the business model: The reason is straightforward. You may be stuck under a business model that is no longer profitable and does not adapt to market demands.
  3. Speed ​​of communication: Bureaucracy has been the cause of extinction for many organizations. How fast and fluid communication is between employees, and how often solutions to problems are heard from those who seem to have an answer. Experiences of bankrupt companies indicate that managers did not listen to the voice of those who perceived a situation that, if controlled in time, would not have escalated.
  4. Audit growth processes: During this stage, you should be more alert, that way, you can respond in time to circumstances that may become dangerous. Preserving the health of the company during growth is always a priority.

Healthy companies, safe growth

It is not about how much income you have but about the actual health of your organization. If we keep the processes at the correct growth rate, we will guarantee their perpetuity. Let’s keep in mind that a massive change can easily mean something negative. And that incredible growth with a stable company is the success that we all want to have.

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