For all companies that invest in Marketing, maximizing ROI is a difficult or impossible option to ignore. They all want to be able to increase the profits of investments made.
The good thing is that this is possible with simple but effective strategies that significantly boost conversion and attract potential customers.
After all, the main objective of any commercial organization is to start long-term work relationships, which allows increasing the number of loyal customers to the company.
But what are these techniques?

Low-Cost Marketing Techniques

Don’t want to break the budget but increase your ROI?
Learn about these simple but effective techniques that will help you raise your numbers.

Follow-up at each stage

Track the client: what he does on the platforms, the browsing time, his searches; It helps to understand what works and what doesn’t in campaigns.
To do this, the software can be used to support the monitoring work. This technique involves connecting with digital platforms like CMR and websites.
In this way, you can view the site’s statistics concerning the success of the selected keywords, where the traffic comes from, including the number of sales and impressions.
Relying on metrics allows you to focus your efforts, time, and budget on what generates money.

Improve customer response speed

When a person approaches your company searching for a service, they most likely need to be solved. The speed of response to your concern can be a weight indicator to the client, giving a straightforward message: “I can help you.”
Let’s see what the statistics say about it:
• According to ResponseiQ: you are 21% more likely to reach the customer if you respond within 5 minutes. Communication can be through a form or a chat.
• Other data, such as that collected by Moneypenny, shows that 69% do not leave a voice message; therefore, it is always good to respond promptly.
• Incoming calls can increase customers by up to 24%. It is a much more effective channel than a form or email.

Live chat

This is a tool that can be used to increase ROI. The reason is that it is a direct channel of immediate communication.
The response time in a chat is expected to be 11 sec. Channels such as web chat, social networks, SMS, or WhatsApp, are key multi-channel chat options.
Also, it is essential to know this fact. There is a probability of about 63% that indicates that people who use the live chat return to the website.
One of the best strategies to apply is quick response and first contact.

They are low-cost techniques that require a lot of time investment.
If you want to increase your ROI, invest your time in generating money.

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