2020 and no voip

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2020 and No VoIP?


Why Your Phone System Needs it Now

If you’ve been out of the loop on VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, now is your chance to get educated by it. With more people working from home and ditching the office landline, here’s why you should look into it.

What is VoIP?

This technology has different uses, but it’s mainly used for Internet-connected devices to communicate to each other without needing a landline. It’s not new, but many businesses are now implementing it and tossing their landline to the side.

Millions, in fact. Both SMBs and the big businesses are using VoIP because it’s cheaper, more efficient, and easier for everyone to use. Phone systems are outdated and can end up costing more, which is bad on both ends.

Plus, it’s so limited. You can’t track certain stats or route some calls with a landline. VoIP is much more versatile.

Reasons to Pick VoIP

Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons to pick VoIP.

  • It’s great for remote workers. Many people are working from home (WFH) or work from anywhere (WFA,) and a VoIP makes it easier and cheaper for people to communicate, especially when around the world.
  • The traditional landline may no longer be used as it becomes more outdated. Don’t catch yourself in the dark!
  • It’s more reliable. Traditional landlines need more wires, which means that more can go wrong. Meanwhile, VoIP installation is nothing and as long as everyone has a decent connection, you should be good.
  • It helps unify all communications. From video chat to being able to switch calls with ease, VoIP has you covered. When a customer instant messages an employee, VoIP can make it easier to communicate.
  • With 5G coming out soon, VoIP is even faster and more convenient. Back in the day, it would have been a little less reliable, but with 5G, it can be even better.
  • VoIP has some AI in it. AI helps to automate the business process, and certain types of AI can make it easier. From automatically rerouting calls to bots answering FAQs, it can keep both sides of the transaction happy.
  • AIs can also collect data, such as call duration, which can be useful when you want to figure out how to improve business.
  • It’s cheaper. For a small business, installing landlines is not only dated, but a waste of money. For a bigger business, upgrading the tech can save money in the long run. No matter your budget, you win.



There’s no reason not to switch to VoIP in 2020. Maybe 10 years ago, you had an excuse, but now there is none. With more people working from home, your business needs to be ready for that. It’s cheaper, more efficient, and can get business done much faster than a traditional landline. What are you waiting for? Make the switch today.




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