Make The Most Out Of Your Webinar Leads

Make The Most Out Of Your Webinar Leads When it comes to obtaining quality clients, webinars are the perfect and most effective tool to do so, according to figures indicated by Inside Sales. This shows that about 73% of sales and marketing professionals apply the tool as a conversion strategy. However, although the tool in […]

How Can I Increase My Marketing Roi This 2021?

Add Your Heading Text HerHow Can I Increase My Marketing Roi This 2021?e If there is something that B2B marketers are interested in, it can have control over the rates of return on investments made, that is, ROI. 2020 was a year of many difficult challenges to overcome. The pandemic brought obstacles that were unknown […]

Do You Know What The Modern B2b Buyer Wants?

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE MODERN B2B BUYER WANTS? To establish a relationship, we must know in general terms what their interests, tastes, and needs are.   Why? Because we all need to have a reason to start a conversation. If you talk to someone about soccer and it turns out that it is not […]


Give A Growth Boost To Your Medical Billing Service ICD 10 coding software offers you new opportunities for growth and competitiveness. Modern medicine advances in technology for fast, effective, and high-quality care. You can take advantage of all these benefits to grow your list of clients. We know that a medical billing company’s primary goal […]


VoIP IS A TREND IN 2020 Everything that generates growth advantages for companies, simplifies processes, and increases productivity, will be adopted by many until it becomes a trend. And this is precisely what is currently happening with the VoIP market services. The communications company that is revolutionizing how companies used to communicate, and that now, […]

Want to Mature Your B2B Marketing?

Want to Mature Your B2B Marketing? The 8 Pillars Can Tell You How If you want your B2B marketing experience to mature, then you need to follow the eight pillars. These can map your progress and determine how mature you are. These are eight divided into two groups. The first look at performance and execution, […]

B2B Sales

How Many B2B Salespeople Lack Enough Leads for Their Quota? More Than You Think ValueSelling Associates, Inc., did some research on B2B salespeople and leads. It turns out that 69 percent of them lacked leads to meet their quota. The reasons are quite obvious. The COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the economic recession, is making […]

How to Grow as a B2B Seller and Not Become Another Failure

How to Grow as a B2B Seller and Not Become Another Failure It’s difficult to keep customers when you’re a B2B seller. A study from the Accenture Interactive’s Service is the New Sales found that 4 out of 5 frequent buyers are always switching, or plan to switch. There are many reasons for this, including […]

Succeeding in B2B During COVID-19

Succeeding in B2B During COVID-19 Half a year later, COVID-19 continues to impact B2B sales. Those who had prospects galore coming into 2020 are now having trouble doing business, especially since half of buyers are continuing to avoid purchases. If you’re a business, you’re probably still lowering your budgets and quotas, especially if your business […]

Need a VoIP Service?

Need A VoIP Service? These 8 Services Are Worth Checking Out? With more people working from home, VoIP is needed more than ever. This allows people in the business to call using their phones or computer. It makes managing calls easier and more secure. VoIP? If you’re new to all this, VoIP means Voice over […]