Ways to Maximize Leads from an SDR

Have an SDR-Generated Lead? Now What? If you have an SDR, or sales development representative, you know that they are working their hardest to create the next lead. Leads flourish into a thriving business relationship, at least in theory. However, if you’re new to the business, you may not know what you should do after […]

7 SaaS Applications That Will Boost Your Business

7 SaaS Applications That Will Boost Your Business Do you know the best SaaS applications? This software is currently one of the most used by small and large companies worldwide. And it is not by chance the position it has. It is all due to the benefits and advantages that this cloud-based software has to […]

SMS Are The Perfect Tool To Generate Leads

SMS Are The Perfect Tool To Generate Leads All the technological tools you have at your disposal to generate leads and attract potential clients are practical actions for your business. Social networks, websites, and messaging services are beneficial and versatile platforms to promote communication between your company and your customers. Text messaging services are especially […]

13 Lead Generation Strategies

13 Lead Generation Strategies If you have a B2B (Business to Business) digital organization or company, you directly work with companies. Indeed, you are 100% focused on generating leads. By 2021, companies should have the primary goals that, according to the experts, apply the best strategies to increase the number of leads during the year. […]


The digital era has completely transformed the way of doing business and promoting sales, the objectives have not changed, but the way and the means to achieve them have. In the traditional way of sales, we try to reach people trying to make our business, company, or undertaking visible in the most popular media. You […]

The Battle For The Leads​

The Battle For The Leads If there is something that every online business or company wants to know, it is how to obtain more leads, which allows it to attract prospects of potential clients every day. The more real traffic and the desired audience you have on online platforms, the higher the values in favor […]


VoIP IS A TREND IN 2020 Everything that generates growth advantages for companies, simplifies processes, and increases productivity, will be adopted by many until it becomes a trend. And this is precisely what is currently happening with the VoIP market services. The communications company that is revolutionizing how companies used to communicate, and that now, […]

Want Some Leads? Here Are Some B2B Advertising Strategies to Help.

Want Some Leads? Here Are Some B2B Advertising Strategies to Help. If you’re a B2B company, you may have a hard time with MQLs, or marketing qualified leads. From generating leads to delivering them, it’s a challenging. Sales and marketing seem to go together like water and oil, and it’s a problem too many companies […]

2020 Vision: Five Marketing Trends in B2B that Will Change the Game

A large part of the technological atmosphere of the 2010s has been taking the technology established in the 2000s and working to improve it even further.