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Are you an SEO provider? Upcision funnels sales-qualified leads to your organization. If fresh, motivated SEO, PPC and Digital Marketing prospects are what you’d like, you’ve come to the right place.

How Do We Generate Sales-Qualified SEO, PPC & Digital Marketing Leads?

1. Field Inquiries from Motivated SEO Prospects

Our well-rounded marketing regimen consistently produces companies who are interested in driving more traffic/business online: SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing, Social Media & more.

double verify intent

2. Double Verify Leads via Phone

Once we receive a qualified inquiry from an SEO prospect, our team gives them a call to double-verify their interest and needs.

Burned out from traditional SEO lead providers who pass along unscreened prospects? We’ve taken things a step further by voice-screening each and every lead for needs & buying intent with our in-house, US-based phone team.

The result? Sales-qualified interactions who have explained their needs and know that you’ll be calling.

3. We Send Leads Directly to your CRM

Within minutes, high-intent, sales qualified SEO leads are on their way to your CRM and/or Marketing Automation.

Lead Generation for SEO Agencies

Companies respond to our marketing: We then touch them several times to ensure a top standard of quality. It’s no surprise why some of the most successful SEO companies use our program with massive success.

  • We screen and double-verify each SEO lead, thus ensuring it meets our standard of quality
  • Well-trained agents ask a set of specifically curated questions to prospects in order to filter leads we send to clients.
  • Leads are sent directly to the CRM/Marketing Automation platform(s) of your choice

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