5 Effective Ways Of Generating Leads For Your Business

5 effective ways of generating leads

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5 Effective Ways Of Generating Leads For Your Business

In the search for the most effective methods for B2B lead generation, it turns out that designing marketing strategies that engage your customers, rather than tout your product or service, seem to work best.

In fact, marketing agencies are so aware of this trend that they’re constantly modifying their strategies to A/B test which ones generate the best results. And it is from that data, gathered by these agencies, that we understand what works best.


Five Marketing Strategies that have been Proven to Get Results


Make Cold Calls

Cold calls give excellent results if applied with a plan.  What do we mean by that? Making calls so we can explain what we do is not very interesting to people. But, if we communicate knowing in advance what needs they have and how we can help them, then the results can be quite positive. Not only that but, if we’re on a live call, we can gauge customer interest and offer them promotions or other incentives that would not be broadly offered on a website.

Invest in Case Studies

It’s important to observe, study, and analyze the successful campaigns of other companies. Past experiences turn out to be an excellent guide for planning. Also, create case studies for your clients, that illustrate the results they seek when using your product or service, and make them public. Not only are you providing them with proof, you’re also making the information available to their competitors so they may just want to get the jump on them and use your products or services first.

Invest in Account-Based Marketing

ABM (or account-based marketing) is an alternative to typical B2B strategies. It is the design of personalized campaigns to connect with specific accounts and can be an exciting investment of resources. These types of campaigns hold greater meaning to your customers. A 2014 ITSMA account-based marketing survey found that “ABM outperforms any B2B marketing tactic or strategy.”

Create Videos

The creation of videos is attractive for sellers and buyers. Research on marketing effectiveness confirms that a large number of the leads generated in campaigns is due to videos. Today’s popular digital platforms are giving rise to this audiovisual format in a way that was not achievable in the past. And the reasons for its success are pretty straightforward:

Consumers prefer video as an informational, promotional, and visually aesthetic knowledge based tool. Videos can be used to create seminars, descriptions of services, and solutions for publishing content on social networks.

Participate in Question-Based Platforms

Participating in this type of platform allows companies to ask their potential clients what their concerns are and get direct feedback.  Your potential customers/clients will tell you ‘exactly’ what they want or need. No more guessing.


If applied consistently, these strategies will provide spectacular results in a relatively short amount of time.  Remember, engage & educate your prospects and they’ll come back to you time and time again.

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