5 Reasons Your Prospects Need VoIP


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5 Reasons Your Prospects Need VoIP


Whether your prospects come from small businesses or from some of the largest companies across the world, VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, can help them. When trying to sell them on VoIP’s scalability, functionality, and other features, here are some statements you can make to get the hook in.

1. It Can Make Your Sales Team More Efficient

A sales team trying to sell the product to customers can be a challenge, especially in regards to the smaller tasks. For cold callers, something as short as calling a prospect can take up a lot of time if the process isn’t streamlined. That is where VoIP can help. One way it can do so is through call campaigns, which can call numbers automatically right after the last call ended. While dialing a number takes only a few seconds, it adds up when there are hundreds of calls to make.


2. It’s Great for Remote Offices

Home offices have been growing in popularity, especially after COVID-19. If someone has a connection to the Internet that’s decent, as well as VoIP, they can work for their company from the comfort of their own home. VoIP allows home businesses to connect through remote offices, and it can give a company some feeling of locality as well. In addition, many remote offices across the world can make an SME feel much larger. With VoIP, you can also use it on your phone, laptop, or other devices, making your company much more connected. You can use your personal phone as your business phone, or send a call to someone else. VoIP allows some calls to be emailed or texted. This can help increase the chances of someone responding to your call. Let’s face it, many calls that go to voicemail don’t go answered, and it can be frustrating. VoIP can fix that.

3. It Can Integrate Third-Party Software

It’s easier to use your phone to add third-party software that can help manage your business. For instance, you can add CRM, or customer relationship management, software to your phone. This type of software can help you to market to your customer better, since you’ll be able to see sales history, past notes, and when the last time you contacted the customer. For a manger, this type of software is great to see how your employees are handling contacting customers. By being able to respond as soon as possible to any issues in a call center, you can improve your employees’ performance quite a bit.

4. VoIP Can Monitor Your Staff

With VoIP in CRM software, you can monitor your staff and look at their performance. For example, you can record calls and review them. This is great for a new employee who is still learning the ropes, or to review a customer complaint. Monitoring staff with a VoIP helps a manager to find any issues that your staff may not notice right away, or ways to improve the staff’s performance. The goal isn’t to watch the staff member at everything they do, but instead to find out how they can improve.

5. It’s Scalable for a Cheap Price

Scalability is a corporate buzzword that actually has quite a bit of meaning. Your business’s size is limited, especially if it’s connected through an in-house network. A business used to have to grow physically if it needed to scale, and vice versa. VoIP can scale the business without having to add more landlines or grow the size of your building. When there is a temporary boom in business, a VoIP can help your business scale enough to handle it, then go back to normal. When making this point to a business, consider the size. A smaller business may like the idea of begin able to expand without doing much. Meanwhile, a bigger business may like the idea of saving money. 

Parting Thoughts

Many companies are moving to VoIP, so it’s an easy sell for many. However, some of them are not there yet. Maybe they are traditionalists, or perhaps their current model works well enough for them. However, with business always changing, discussing the benefits of VoIP to your prospects is important. VoIP automates the process, helps businesses stay available anywhere, helps them scale when they need to, and much more. Show your prospects that this is the case, and soon they’ll be eating your words up.

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