B2C Selling: What Can B2B Learn from it?

B2C selling

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B2C Selling: What Can B2B Learn from it?

Businesses are learning the technique of social selling, which involves using social media to persuade potential customers. Social media is a competitive space that rewards the most innovative minds, especially for the B2B crowd.

If you’re involved with B2B, you can now reach clients that were normally outside your scope. This can change the name of the game, but that’s what happens in today’s online networking world. Think about it. Before social media, people only had a handful of friends they associated with. Nowadays, most social media profiles have hundreds, if not thousands of “friends.” While not close buddies, there’s lots of room for connections.

Also, the Internet has changed the name of the game in regards to anonymity. Some B2B transactions are now performed without the businesses seeing each other in person and knowing their faces. It’s quite the phenomenon.

So, this begs the question, is the future of B2B social? Well, the industry is more open to new techniques than ever before, and many sales and marketing techniques are done through digital means. Social selling is a tricky beast, though. Getting followers and likes is smart, but it doesn’t pay the bills. You’ll have to do more to woo your audience and convince them to buy from you than just post a funny meme. You have to use all the techniques to attract new businesses and clients.

Another reason B2B is accepting social media as a way to sell is because of the possibility of getting more information. B2B on social media has also allowed businesses to collect data easier. This makes marketing to a potential audience even easier.

B2C Vs. B2B

Now, let’s look at what exactly B2B and B2C social selling differentiate. They are quite different. A B2B business needs to do more than just get an audience and get their content viral. They need a bit more than an advertising campaign and to engage with their audience. A B2B sales campaign is even more focused on a target audience than a B2C.

A B2B sales campaign focuses a lot more on the industry and uses professional communication. A B2C can be a little informal and a little whacky at times, but B2B is all business. It involves gathering information about a business and then using that information to make a transaction.

Tools to Help You

There are many programs that can help make the transaction much easier. Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration, for instance, is great for rounding up your social media marketing and your sales. Buffer, meanwhile, is good for making posts that will appeal to an audience focused on B2B.

Even with the right tools, however, it’s a challenge. With any good challenge, the reward is much sweeter, so many B2B campaigns are using the best ways to attract their potential audience. You have to step up to the game and make sure that your business is showing what they can do for your clients. Show how collaboration can improve the revenue for everyone, and detail the benefits. This way, more businesses will be interested in doing business.

It’s All About Incentive

When you’re doing business, it’s always important to give incentives. A business needs to know why they should associate with your business above anyone else’s. Your campaigns on social media should focus on persuasion and incentive. Give some good reasons why a business should join you and conquer the business world. Of course, don’t sell too much, but give as many reasons as possible.

Also, forget about offers or promotions. These work well for B2C campaigns. Everyone wants to win that free gift card, or get 50 percent off their order. However, this doesn’t work for a business transaction. It just isn’t that sustainable. Instead, you need to look at ways to sell to businesses for the long haul.


B2B needs social selling, and it’s not something you can avoid. It’s popular for a reason; you can access people and companies like never before. However, you have to play it smart and know what a good campaign looks like. Gather data, learn some techniques to sell, and use software to manage every aspect of social media. This way, your business can go further than ever before.

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