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How COVID-19 is Changing Business and How VoIP Can Help


The pandemic is still happening, and while many businesses are making adjustments, some have not yet. Then, there are new businesses that may want to look into making a business COVID-19 friendly. Here’s how some apsects of business have changed.


Remote Working Has Gone Up

Working from home has been on the rise for a few years now. It’s cheaper, can lead to happier employees, and can increase productivity. However, there are some challenges as well. For one thing, how do you keep all communications in line?

One thing you can do is use a voice-over IP, or a VoIP. Let’s look at how that can help your business.


What is a VoIP?

A VoIP allows employees to communicate with each and other and to other customers through the Internet and a device that has it. It can bring several employees from various locations together, secure calls, monitor stats, and do more than what a landline can do.


How it Can Help

Many VoIP apps make it so that it’s easy to communicate even if the Internet is a little spotty. In addition, many providers have some sort of feature to follow their customers. For example, there’s a follow me feature that can call all the phones an employee has should they not be in an office.


VoIP Has Made Conferences Easy

Let’s face it: conferences have problems, and VoIP can solve some of them. For one thing, it can allow employees to host a meeting with as many participants as possible, all while not putting a strain on the Internet connection.


Can Store Data

Hard drives have their limits and many of them can be wiped. VoIP can use a cloud to store all conversations and other valuable data. They’re quite secure as well, allowing people in the business some peace of mind.



Many VoIP services can expand when your business has more traffic, and vice versa. With a traditional landline, it’s a little more of a hassle. Plus, VoIP is cheaper and won’t be out of date soon.


In Conclusion

There’s uncertainty in the business world, but one thing we do know is that working from home isn’t going anywhere. If your business isn’t prepared for that yet, a VoIP service can help you. Look into one, as any business of any budget should be able to afford to install one.

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