Make The Most Out Of Your Webinar Leads

Make the most out of your webinar leads

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Make The Most Out Of Your Webinar Leads

When it comes to obtaining quality clients, webinars are the perfect and most effective tool to do so, according to figures indicated by Inside Sales. This shows that about 73% of sales and marketing professionals apply the tool as a conversion strategy. However, although the tool in question is safe in attracting customers, applying it alone is not enough if it is not possible to convert them into paying customers.

The question would then be, how can we ensure that webinar leads attract clients and that they do not end up in limbo after the event?

If you don’t know, here are some tips that you can apply.

1. Use surveys for evaluation:
During the webinar, try asking specific questions to probe where your clients stand concerning their level of interest and need.
Doing this will allow you, efficiently and straightforwardly, to take advantage of the information and segment the audience. You can obtain an exclusive list of those potential customers interested in learning about your products and another of those who are actively interested in buying or marketing.

2. Remember always to involve sales:
If your sales team is present at the webinar, you will have a significant advantage since the work would be being done globally. As the webinar progresses and potential clients begin to show interest by asking questions, your sales team can take the appropriate approach to capture attention and achieve paid conversion.

3. Follow-up work is for today, tomorrow is late:
With the emotion that your participants felt for all the information received and all the emotion and motivation they have to take the second step, monitoring becomes today’s task. Do it while their minds are still fresh. Include a recording of the webinar, attach supplementary information, incorporate relevant links, blog posts. All of this adds value.

4. Pamper Hot Leads:
The term hot leads refer to those whose interest is notable and could easily be a paying customer if the right work is done. For this reason, when you deliver a client of this type to sales, be sure to provide as much useful information as possible, try to give personalized attention.

5. Reorient and nurture both warm and cold leads:
If you have warm leads, redirect them with a good sales funnel strategy; But, if they are cold, do not discard them, as they can become customers in the future if you do a good job. In both cases, the goal is to build a relationship with them so that anytime they feel they are ready to buy, and you are the first choice.

And finally, we would like you to keep this reality in mind: a recent study determined that people are willing to spend time attending webinars, as it is a very attractive way to obtain the content of interest.

Take advantage of this and work to increase your sales.

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