Prospects Don’t Understand UCaaS? Here Are 7 Ways to Fix That

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Prospects Don’t Understand UCaaS? Here Are 7 Ways to Fix That

Don’t let a lack of understanding get in the way

Unified communications are a paradox. They can benefit businesses in so many ways, such as saving time and increasing production, but according to an Osterman Research study, a whopping 48 percent of business don’t understand it.

Your prospects will benefit from it, but they don’t know what it is, and this can cause a bit of fear. Not only that, but a chunk of businesses find the entire idea intimidating. How can you help them understand that UCaaS is great for their business? Here are some tips.

Educate Them!

Don’t scare people with jargon, but instead explain UCaaS like you’re talking to Mr. Average Joe. Make the explanation easy to digest and use your words to create some vivid imagery about how UCaaS can help the business of the company you’re selling to.

Ask them questions that are relatable. You could ask:

  • When in a phone conversation with a business partner, did you need an opinion from another person?
  • Did that involve hanging up and calling the other person, or sending an email?
  • Don’t you wish you could just have them join the call with a click? We can help.

What Problems Do Your Prospects Have?

Many of the prospects you talk to will have similar problems, but every person is unique. Besides telling your potential customers about how UCaaS can help with their potential problems, also learn about their unique problems. Then, explain how you can help.

Show them the Pluses

By knowing what your prospects are looking for, you can then show them what benefits your UCaaS solution has. By benefits, we’re not talking about features. The features can be benefits, but they’re not always one and the same. Talk about the benefits, such as saving time while being more productive, and more collaboration.

And The Features

Now, it’s time to show off the features. If you’re able to, show, don’t tell. Give them a demonstration of the screen share and conferencing features. Give them a click-to-call rundown. By showing them the features and telling how those will help solve their problems, you have your customer interested.

Let Them Try it Out

Some prospects like to see you perform everything, but they also want to try it themselves. Sometimes, trying out the product as someone who knows nothing about it can help them figure out how user friendly it is. Usually, your customer will end up loving it!

Value, Not Price

Your prospect may be wondering how much everything is. While they need to learn that, don’t emphasize the price tag too much. Instead, let your customer understand the benefits and features of the product and how scaleable it is. Your customers don’t need to pay for everything, after all.

How Big Is the Business Size? Who Cares?

UCaaS is scaleable, working well for tiny businesses or big ones. A small business having similar reach to a bigger business will be a great selling point.

Selling UCaaS to your potential customers is quite easy once you figure out what your customers want and how you can reach them. Try out these tips and see the difference.

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