5 Ways To Boost Your Lead Conversion Rates


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5 Ways To Boost Your Lead Conversion Rates

Who doesn’t want to have a quick, easy answer to converting leads into sales? With that one secret, you could grow your business as much as you wanted and keep a steady stream of revenue going all year. The truth is, however, that lead conversion is one of the hardest parts of marketing. In a professional survey, only 12% of marketers reported themselves “very satisfied” with their lead conversion rates. 

It may be comforting to know that you’re not the only one struggling with this issue. But ultimately, you want solutions to keep the lights on in your business. While there may be no one-and-done solution, here are a few ways you can boost your lead conversion rates. 

#1 – Keep Your Lead Forms Short

It’s hard enough to get leads. If the process to join your email list is a lengthy one, most people probably won’t bother, even when the incentive is appealing. Your lead form doesn’t need much. You need to know their name and email address, and it can be helpful to know where they found your business. At most, add one or two questions about their preferences and leave it at that. No need to overcomplicate things.

#2 – Link To Your Reviews and Socials

Your potential leads and customers are going to want to do their homework on your company before they commit to anything. They’ll want to look through reviews and social media pages to get a sense of what your company has to offer and what your current customers think of your company. You can make this easier for them by including links conveniently on your website. This way, instead of having to hunt down links on Google, your leads can just click and take a look at your reviews. And by following you on social media, they can stay posted on all of your brand news.

Another option that makes looking up reviews even more convenient is to include a testimonials page on your website. This allows you to post positive reviews from customers who have offered glowing testimonials of your business. It also allows your leads to see your reviews without having to leave your website.

#3 – Keep Your Website Clear and Easy to Navigate

User experience is key. If the users who find your website have to wade through clunky landing pages and unclear navigation, they’re not going to be very interested in your business. However, when you have an aesthetically pleasing, neat website with clear navigation and seamless user experience, you’re more likely to meet success. 

Check the user experience of your website on both desktop and mobile. Does the website theme look clunkier on one version or another? Does it take forever to load? Make sure this is optimized for both options so that every user who visits your website can have the best experience.

#4 – Make It Easy

The easier you make lead conversion, the more leads you’re going to catch. Remember when we said to keep your lead forms short? You can also do away with a full lead form entirely, and instead simply ask for the lead’s email address. Once you have their email address, you can send them to a still short form that gives you a little more information and customer data. But regardless of whether they fill out that form, you still have their email address and can keep them posted on any special offers and discounts. 

You can also offer an incentive that would make their lives easier. For instance, if drafting particular documents is a tedious aspect of their business, consider offering a free template to cut down on the gruntwork. Offer them a free tool that you’ve created to make their work or lives that much easier. 

#5 – Use Targeted Content

Once you have data on your leads, consider sending them targeted content much more likely to catch their interest. You can segment your leads into categories based on interests and demographics and then send each segment the content most relevant to them. Using a program that personalizes their emails, using their first name rather than a generic email, may also help to target your content.

Even after you gain leads for an email list, it’s all too easy for those leads to simply discard your emails or mark them as spam. Targeted content will show your leads how your brand can benefit them specifically, making them much more likely to follow up. At the very least, it’s sure to hold their attention.

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