How Data Orchestration Can Take Your Lead Generation To the Next Level


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How Data Orchestration Can Take Your Lead Generation To the Next Level

Today, lead generation is all about data. You can track the usage of your leads on your website or track their interactions with your promotional emails. This helps you to create better, more customized offers for those leads. In fact, almost 40% of marketers say that they believe access to accurate data would improve their marketing. 

But with so much data available, it’s important to be able to effectively organize that data. This is where data orchestration comes in handy, and how data orchestration can help take your lead generation to the next level.

What Is Data Orchestration?

Data orchestration is the process of organizing your lead data. You likely receive lead data from multiple different sources, at multiple different times, relevant to multiple different aspects of your brand. Data orchestration involves syncing your data all onto the same platform and database and then organizing it for analysis.

There are a number of tools today that can conduct data orchestration automatically, so you don’t have to be an expert with databases in order to manage and analyze your lead data.

How Data Orchestration Benefits Your Lead Generation

Having a system that automatically organizes all your lead data is great, but how exactly does it affect your sales funnel? 

Syncs Lead Data From All Sources

Depending on how much you put into lead generation, you may generate leads from a number of sources: your website, your newsletter, your social media, conventions and trade shows, or even your storefront. Rather than looking through data collections for each of those sources, data orchestration syncs data from all of these sources into the same database. This way, the data you need is always right in front of you.

Stores and Organizes Offline Data

As you may have noticed, not all of the above examples are online sources of data. Word-of-mouth is still a powerful data tool, and even after the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person business is still going strong. Data orchestration can help to organize your data even from offline sources, such as contacts made at a networking event or new customers in your store. With the right platform, you can easily sync these with your online data.

Data Privacy Compliance Is Built In

With so many ways to collect data, it’s important to adhere to data privacy regulations like the EUGDPR or CalOPPA. Most data orchestration tools have compliance built in and automatically kept up to date. If any of your data is noncompliant, your data orchestration software should alert you to the fact. 

Data Orchestration Tools For Your Marketing

Fortunately, if you want a data orchestration tool to help boost your lead generation, there are plenty to choose from. Here are just a few that use automated data orchestration:


Braze specifically focuses on customer-centric interactions and marketing orchestration. It tracks data in real time and it’s great for businesses of any size, as its offerings can easily scale with you. You can build marketing campaigns based on data within Braze, as well, saving you from having to switch to another program. 

This is a very popular platform, but also on the expensive side, with the yearly cost adding up to about $65,000.


Segment is a Twilio software, used by over 25,000 businesses. It not only gives you a central data hub where you can keep and analyze all of your lead data but allows you to segment that data in order to create stronger, more personalized marketing campaigns. It’s been ranked a #1 Customer Data Platform in recent years. 

Segment has a few different pricing options, including a free option that allows you to send data to your favorite marketing platforms, a Team plan for $120/mo, and a Business plan with custom pricing based on your needs. 


Bloomreach helps you bring your data from all kinds of different sources, including offline interactions. It allows you to create and update segments for your data in mere seconds and you can watch leads move through your sales funnel in real time. One of their clients boasted a 161% increase in lead conversion rates as a result of using Bloomreach. Another experienced a 33% increase in booking inquiries.

Bloomreach begins at about $4,000/mo, but it has custom pricing based on your particular needs. Because of this, there is no specific upgrade fee. Rather you pay for services as you need them and drop them when you don’t. You can, however, request a demo to try out Bloomreach before you make any further commitment. 

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