The Battle For The Leads​

The battle for the leads

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The Battle For The Leads​

If there is something that every online business or company wants to know, it is how to obtain more leads, which allows it to attract prospects of potential clients every day.

The more real traffic and the desired audience you have on online platforms, the higher the values in favor of the statistical probabilities of generating conversion and, of course, sales.

Marketers are usually the fighting pawns in the battle for leads, and they have a difficult time now that there is so much competitiveness in the online market.
With the constant changes and updates that the search engine robot algorithm has, with all the provisions and regulations that have been issued, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the capture of new customers and effective marketing has become a difficult task.
According to the statistics of 2018, the introduction of the GDPR negatively affected 42% of companies. Why? Because companies reduced their databases of potential clients.

This new reality is worthy of analysis for all those whose responsibility is to respond to more leads. Nikolas Kairinos, CEO and co-founder of, says that leads are the lifeblood of companies and that they find it troubling to see so many companies struggle to get them.


What is happening?  Why are companies under pressure

Research by clearly shows that companies are still tied to traditional lead generation strategies that worked previously but are now out of date.
The current digital world does not offer stability; on the contrary, it is too dynamic. Therefore, the first thing to do is change the way of thinking when developing strategies and be entirely open to adaptation if you want to guarantee its competitiveness.
The tools exist and are available. Some of the relevant technological solutions to know how to generate leads are the following

• Use of big data and Social Networks.
• Support in artificial intelligence.
• Online tools for executing marketing and sales campaigns.

Generating Leads With Artificial Intelligence Is More Efficient

With advances in technology and the world turning towards adaptation to a virtual world, we should not be surprised that the automation of systems and artificial intelligence to achieve objectives is almost a vital necessity.
These changes are excellent news, previously campaigning was too tedious work with sometimes not so favorable results, not now! It is much easier and more efficient.

As a sales professional, you can generate leads if you take advantage of real-time data from sales sources, social networks. You can analyze what people are saying and what they are looking for. Use technology to your advantage with so much information that the internet provides you. You can generate effective strategies that will keep you competitive in this battle to obtain more leads.

How we generate leads

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