7 Ways to Use AI to Boost Your Sales


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7 Ways to Use AI to Boost Your Sales

AI seems to be everywhere these days, for better or worse. While many people have conflicted or even deeply opposed feelings towards generative AI images and copywriting, AI as a tool has a number of uses for sales teams. These uses are only expected to grow over time.

Interested in finding a way to use AI to boost your sales? Let’s talk about some of the functions you could automate that could help improve your human sales performance.

More Efficient and Up-to-Date CRM

Tired of constantly updating your customer relationship management (CRM) database? With modern AI technology, you can save hours out of your day. There are AI tools designed specifically for CRM, automatically updating contacts and mapping their place along your sales funnel. Best of all, it keeps all of your CRM information in one reliable and searchable place.

Narrow Down Potential Leads

Getting many potential leads is great for the first stages of lead generation, but at the end of the day, you want high quality leads that will likely turn into actual customers. AI can analyze the data of your potential leads looking for patterns that would indicate a potential customer likely to actually make a purchase. They can score your leads based on quality and match to your brand. That way, you can focus on the leads most likely to yield results rather than wasting time with leads that go nowhere.

Find Your Target Demographic

AI can also be used to help you find your target demographic. AI pulls from population data, as well as data on consumer behavior, to identify patterns across different demographics. For instance, if you’re trying to reach small business owners, AI can seamlessly create a report showing you the types of patterns that you might see among small business entrepreneur consumers. This can strengthen your marketing plan, which can then in turn help to strengthen your sales plan.

Fix Problems With Your Product or Website

Worried that there might be something wrong with your product listing, but you can’t find it? An AI program might be able to. You can use AI to analyze your product, your website, or your sales pitches. Programs can provide a report to identify your weak spots or any glitches and bugs that you might have missed. If you find them before your potential customers find them, your presentation will be much more polished and they’ll be more likely to buy.

Provide Market Insights

When used correctly, AI can serve as a sort of crystal ball for your sales team. Often the market seems unpredictable, and market analysts spend every hour of their working day trying to make sense of it. AI can pull from data across the market to look at recent trends as well as patterns of where those recent trends have led in the past. From there, it can make predictions, such as what the new demand might be or what customer preferences might be. You can use these predictions in order to keep your business on the cutting edge and offer your customers exactly what they want.

Set Smart Pricing

Pricing is a tricky point for many sales professionals. Sometimes it’s necessary to raise prices just slightly, but it can be difficult to know where best to do so without risking the loss of sales. Once again, AI can help figure this out. AI will compare your products with similar products on the market as well as the demand for the product and the customer preferences and income levels surrounding that product. By combining all of this information, they can help you choose the best prices for your products and services, allowing you to take safe and calculated risks.

Remove Manual Grunt Work

One of the biggest problems facing sales professionals is that they’re not able to spend enough time actually selling. Much of their work is administrative, logging and maintaining their CRM database, scheduling meetings, following up with customers, etc. Almost half the day is spent doing this kind of manual data entry and other non-sales task.

One major benefit of AI is that it can help to streamline your workflow. AI programs often have built in templates and can even draft emails and forms automatically by pulling from your data within the software. They can help you schedule meetings and can automate your CRM database. By pulling from the information you’ve already given it, AI can gradually remove all of the tasks that are keeping you from doing what you do best: closing the deal.

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