Applying An Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

Applying an effective inbound marketing strategy

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Applying An Effective Inbound Marketing Strategy

Among all the variants of the digital world, we find practices for the development of an inbound marketing strategy, a very effective type of marketing that many marketers are currently applying.

Inbound & Outbound Marketing:

Outbound Marketing is a traditional method of marketing seeking to push messaging out to potential customers. Outbound marketing includes activities such as trade shows, seminar series, and cold calling. It is costly and the ROI is much lower than inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing is a type of methodology that combines marketing techniques with non-intrusive advertising. The main objective is to attract people organically, this means that it is necessary to apply a series of tools, strategies, and updates that allow capturing the attention of potential clients while growing & strengthening a relationships of trust with the clients already won.

In addition, the benefits of inbound marketing are the most attractive since it is based on organic search engine optimization, which is quite effective and accessible. But like everything, it requires planning, work, and effort, we want to share some handy and practical inbound marketing tips.


1) Design a strategic plan: Before generating an inbound marketing strategy, it is necessary to create a plan. Setting clear objectives will allow you to define the type of content and the tools you will use.

2) Who is your target audience: Once you have your objectives, you must define who it will be directed to. Doing so will allow you to achieve what is proposed. A very common mistake is to execute campaigns and content to an audience that is not interested or is not attracted to your service. To define your client’s profile, try answering the following questions:

A. Who are they?
B. Where do they live?
C. What kind of solution are they looking for?
D. What are they interested in?
E. What digital platform do they use?

3) Activate your content plan: You can use the digital platforms and tools you previously defined in your strategic plan as well as implementing some that most businesses do not consider such as:

A. Start a blog: This is a powerful content marketing tool! In a blog, you can reinforce your brand, provide content of interest, publicize your service, and optimize your website for search engines.
B. Provide Videos: Videos are grabbing all the attention of the digital market, those of duration between 15 to 30 seconds can be much more effective than a lot of advertising images.
C. Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is beneficial and generates many of the benefits of inbound marketing.

4) Promote Your Content: It is not enough to create it. You must promote your content on different digital platforms so that your audience can find it easily.

A. Apply SEO: Search engine optimization is a great help and a visualization springboard if you work it the right way. Being among the first in the search engines will guarantee you to be seen by those looking for a service like yours.
B. Social Network Advertising: Another direct means of displaying your content is social networks, be it through images, video, or written content.

5) Create a Website: This is the main basis of inbound marketing, but this site must meet certain criteria, such as:

A. Be Intuitive & Easy to navigate.
B. Show the information clearly.
C. Be connected to other platforms such as social networks.

The Primary Benefits of Effective Inbound Marketing

If you’ve planned and applied a successful inbound marketing strategy, you’ll notice organic results that cost very little for the incredible return they provide. But, in order to achieve these results, you’ll have to invest time.

Time, not money, is your currency when building a successful inbound marketing strategy, still, if you follow a plan, are flexible to positive changes, and use digital platforms, your success is ‘nearly’ guaranteed!

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