Top 8 B2B Blogs and Newsletters to Follow


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Top 8 B2B Blogs and Newsletters to Follow

When you operate in the world of B2B marketing, it’s important to stay on top of the trends and changes in the industry. Our blog provides a wealth of topics related to marketing and client management, including B2B. But you can never go wrong to soak up as much information as possible.

With that in mind, what are some resources you can use to learn more about B2B? What sources are reputable and what sources aren’t worth your time? Upcision is here to help. Here are some of the top B2B blogs to follow if you want to learn more about B2B.

#1 – MKT1

If you go by interface alone, MKT1 might not look like anything special. It comes in the form of a Substack newsletter, and you can get access to more with a paid subscription. Articles are presented without frills or fanfare, but the content is full of substance.

MKT1 provides insights from Emily Kramer and Kathleen Estreich, two top marketers who have worked with Asana, Box, Intercom, Carta, and Scalyr. These women have years of real experience doing the hard work of marketing, and they share everything they’ve learned with their audience. If you’re beginning to really dig your hands into B2B marketing, this is the newsletter for you.

#2 – HubSpot

HubSpot is a goliath in the world of digital marketing — and for good reason. They offer platforms for digital marketing and social media, as well as a free blog full of all kinds of topics about marketing. While their content is not exclusive to B2B, they do handle topics of B2B marketing. You can also trust HubSpot to be on top of all the latest trends and news, and their blog will allow you to stay on top of them, too.

#3 – Marketo

Marketo is a marketing automation platform owned by Adobe, a digital giant when it comes to PDFs and graphic design. Like HubSpot, the Marketo blog covers all manner of marketing and sales trends, including B2B. Marketo, however, tends to hone in on tips and insights for building meaningful client relationships and managing those client relationships successfully. If your B2B brand needs a little help with client management, Marketo might be the way to go.

#4 – Moz

Moz is already a big name when it comes to SEO, so it’s no wonder they have a strong marketing blog. Their blog has a focus on SEO for the most part, but sometimes branches out into wider marketing topics. Their posts offer great information for B2B or B2C marketers alike. However, they do frequently post blogs that are geared towards B2B marketers, such as The Core Elements of Storytelling That B2B Can Learn From B2C.

#5 – Pathmonk

If you’ve considered using AI to help enhance some of your B2B marketing, Pathmonk is an excellent blog to do some further reading. Pathmonk has made their name from the AI solutions they offer related to marketing. Naturally, their blog hones in on the role of AI in marketing — as well as a few blogs about using AI responsibly so as not to sacrifice quality. Some of their blogs are a bit more general, and they do have several blogs specifically geared towards B2B marketers.

#6 – CopyBlogger

Content is still king when it comes to marketing — and B2B marketing is no exception. So if you want to up your content marketing game, do a bit of scrolling through the CopyBlogger blog. This blog can help you with things like content marketing, email marketing, crafting the perfect headline, and other marketing tips. Again, CopyBlogger isn’t specific to the B2B sphere, but most of the information they have available is just as valuable to B2B marketers as it is to B2C bloggers.

#7 – Content Marketing Institute

If you’re looking for meaty blogs with a goldmine of information backed by research and data, look no further than the Content Marketing Institute. Like CopyBlogger, they focus on Content Marketing, and every blog is a deep dive into its subject. These blogs are highly informative but written in an engaging, accessible language that suits readers at any stage in their marketing career. This blog is excellent for B2B marketers who want to become masters in their career, especially content marketing.

#8 – Upcision

While many of the above blogs focus solely on marketing, Upcision covers all stages of the sales funnel. Here, you can find information about B2B lead generation, B2B sales tips, and B2B client management. We cover the gamut of topics for all kinds of marketing and sales, but we do have a specific business-to-business category where you can find a wealth of information.

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