Medical Billing Leads & Appointments

Upcision delivers sales-qualified Medical Billing leads from physicians and hospitals who are interested in outsourcing these services. High intent prospects are delivered direct into your CRM within minutes.

How Do We Generate Sales-Qualified Medical Billing Services Leads?

1. Medical Billing Services Prospects Make an Inquirey

We utilize a number of web properties and response-generated marketing platforms to garner inquiries from medical practices who are interested in outsourcing their billing.

double verify intent

2. Our Team Voice Verifies the Inquiries

In order to double-confirm a high level of buyer intent and qualification, our team voice verifies each prospect before we send it to you. This ensures we’re sending a high-quality, sales-ready Medical Billing lead.

3. Receive Leads to your CRM within Minutes

In as soon as minutes, high-intent, sales qualified Medical Billing leads are funneled to your agency’s CRM.

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Lead Generation for Medical Billing Companies

Is your Medical Billing agency primed for further growth? Look no further. Upcision garners high-intent, sales-qualified leads like no other company. Prospects are placed through our multi-touch process which refines quality to a level designed to meet and surpass your target KPIs. Find out why some of the most successful Medical Billing companies use Upcision for appointments and lead generation.

  • We double-screen and verify each Medical Billing Lead, thus ensuring it meets our  quality promise
  • Our trained agents ask a set of carefully curated questions to prospects in order to filter leads we send to clients.
  • Leads are sent directly to the CRM/Marketing Automation platform(s) of your choice

What type of Physicians/Hospitals Make Inquiries?

Upcision receives buying inquiries from a number of Medical Practices. Let’s take a look at the variety of physicians/hospitals who inquire about Medical Billing services with us:

  • General Practices
  • Hospitals
  • Specialty Practices
  • Physical Therapy/Chiropractor
  • Psychologists/Psychiatrists
  • Dental
  • Other

Is there a type of practice on this list that you’re unable to service? No worries. Just let one of our senior representatives understand your case and we’ll work with you to ensure we deliver leads from practice types that overlap with your agencies needs.

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