7 Benefits of Adopting a Remote Business Model

7 benefits of adopting a remotee business model - upcision

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7 Benefits of Adopting a Remote Business Model

In 2020, the number of businesses offering remote work grew exponentially. But for years before, some businesses had been considering the pros and cons of a remote business model. Now, in 2023, many businesses have become accustomed to it and are looking for ways to make remote business work for them in the long run. But some are still weighing their options.

Looking for some benefits of adopting a remote business model? Here are a few of our favorites:

#1 – Better Resilience

COVID-19 left many businesses feeling unmoored. Without being able to meet in person, what could they do? Those who could switch to remote work thrived, while those who couldn’t were often shuttered or had to lay off many employees. But for businesses who went remote, a global pandemic is not the only thing they could bounce back from.

When your employees can work from the shelter of their own homes, adverse weather, illness, cyberattacks, and traffic won’t stop you from getting work done. Your workplace will be more accessible, as well, for employees with mobility issues.

#2 – Embracing the Latest Technology

Many offices have wanted to take their operations digital but were a little daunted about how they would begin. Remote work relies on digital capabilities and communication, forcing you to update.

And there is so much out there that can change the way you do business. There are automated cloud software programs that can take the menial grunt work out of your workflow, new ways of communicating and collaborating, and technologies that can open up your offerings to your clients. When you embrace these tools as part of switching to remote work, your business will finally join the 2020s.

#3 – Wider Talent Pool

When you work on-premises, you are limited to the talent who can access your premises. But when your business is remote, you can hire professionals in your industry from anywhere. You can get help during busy seasons by outsourcing your work to international teams. You can receive applications from professionals who may need to work from home. By taking your business remote, you unlock limitless hiring potential.

#4 – Increased Productivity

One of the concerns about remote work was that it would lead to decreased productivity. That employees working in their homes around their family and pets would be too distracted to be productive. However, the numbers have shown that the opposite is true: remote workers are typically 35-40% more productive than those who work on-premises. They have more freedom when working from home, and they’re able to choose a setting that is the most conducive to their productivity as a whole. When your employees are happier in their workplace, they are more likely to be productive.

#5 – Reduced Equipment Costs

Working remotely can be considerably more affordable for many businesses. You won’t have to pay for expensive local software, dozens and dozens of computers, desks, chairs, or office space. And of course, the lack of on-site cost of paper for all the work that you do from day to day will be a huge weight off your shoulders. Your equipment costs will be lessened because your employees will likely work on their own computers from home.

#6 – Freedom of Work Environment

Some people don’t get much work done at home — but those people working remotely don’t have to work from home. They could go to a coffee shop, a library, their favorite diner, or work outside if they so choose. They can pick the work environment that suits them best, that allows them to be the most productive and feel the most fulfilled with their job. And that sense of fulfillment will reflect in the work that they submit.

#7 – Boosted Morale

Morale is incredibly important to your workplace culture. It impacts how long employees will stay with your company, the quality of their work, and even the ways they speak about and recommend your business to others.

Remote work offers a great boost of morale. It allows employees to be more independent and feel more in control over their work. It allows them a more flexible schedule, so they can make time for the things that bring them joy, as well. It may raise their overall satisfaction in their work.

It’s also a great hiring perk when you seek out new talent. Professionals with the sort of resumes that fit your business may be more tempted to work for your company if you offer remote work or hybrid work.

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