7 Tips to Boost Your Sales Numbers


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7 Tips to Boost Your Sales Numbers

Promoting your business and drawing attention to your brand is all important work when it comes to marketing. But getting sales is much harder than just driving traffic to your website, and it’s the sales you need in order to keep the business going. If you find that you’re getting plenty of traffic, and even plenty of email list leads, but not many sales, these tips can help give you the necessary boost you need.

#1 – Know What Drives Your Customers To Buy

Like everything else in marketing, boosting your sales begins with an understanding of your customers. Know what challenges your customers are facing, what drives them to make a purchase. Do some deep dive market research. Your customers have a problem that they need solved. How does your brand answer their question? Once you know that, it is easier to target your promotion in order to make sales.

In addition to going through data and market research that has already been collected, you should also ask your actual customers. Host surveys or post polls on social media to get feedback from customers that will help you to gain a stronger understanding of them.

#2 – Show Off Your Results

Modesty might seem like good manners, but it’s no way to get sales as a business. You want to show off your results. If you have a lot of 5 star reviews on Google, make sure you post about it on social media to let people know. Post positive client testimonials on your website. If you have a particular rating for excellence or customer satisfaction or you’ve been recognized by big standards in the industry, make sure potential customers know about it. 

All of this helps to build trust in your brand. And the more your new customers trust you, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

#3 – Focus on Lead Generation

Driving traffic to your online platform is just the first step of marketing. If you need to boost your sales, then you should put more energy into lead generation. Create unique, gated content to incentivize potential leads to sign up for your newsletter, and then use personalized marketing to encourage them to make their first purchase.

#4 – Offer a Discount

If you want to get sales from new customers, consider offering a discount. Many brands will offer something like 15-20% off of the first purchase. You may not make much from that one individual sale, but it will increase the number of sales you get, thus helping you to earn more overall. 

Discounts aren’t just for the first purchase. You might offer a personalized discount during the customer’s birthday. Another popular option is to offer discounts for referrals. If a regular customer refers a new customer, maybe they and the new customer can both get a certain percentage off their next purchase. In doing so, you build your customer base and your sales. And of course, buy-one-get-one-at-a-discount deals are always well received.

#5 – Build Customer Loyalty

Ideally, you don’t just want customers who will buy from you once and then go elsewhere. You want to build a loyal customer base that will return to you over and over, choosing you over your competitor. Consider offering personalized marketing based on past purchases or building a rewards system. Try to interact with customers as much as you can so they can see the human face of your brand. Other ways to build customer loyalty include:

  • Asking for feedback
  • Starting a referral program
  • Communicating your brand values and vision
  • Engaging on social media
  • Providing good customer service

#6 – Offer a Variety of Payment Options

There is no worse feeling than a customer who is ready to make a purchase and then finds out that the business doesn’t accept their payment method. Even if they have the ability to get that payment method later, the inconvenience may turn them off to your company. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a wide variety of payment methods. This is a small hurdle, but it’s impactful. As many as 42% of consumers have said they will not buy from a company if their favorite payment method is unavailable. 

#7 – Bundle Your Products

You may also be able to boost sales by bundling your products, especially if your competition does not. In a bundle, you offer several of your products all together for a slightly discounted price than it would be to buy each of them individually. This is convenient for customers and often makes an appealing deal to boost sales. It can also inspire customer loyalty if they find they enjoy your bundled products. 

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