8 Tips To Boost Your E-Commerce Site’s SEO & Traffic

8 tips to boost

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8 Tips To Boost Your E-Commerce Site’s SEO & Traffic

When it comes to e-commerce SEO, the rules can be a little confusing. You may have heard of PBNs, but you’re probably not sure what they are or how they work. Then there’s the fact that Google doesn’t give you any real answers about how to rank for e-commerce search terms—they just tell you where to go if you want to find them.

Google returns a lot of results pages for a given search, and we’re not all going to be high in the search results.

To assist with positioning and increasing your odds of making it to the first page of results, make sure your site is fast and be sure it’s got a good connection with solid up time. Include relevant information in your titles, meta descriptions, and URLs/meta tags.

E-commerce SEO , when it comes right down to it, is all about enhancing your website for people searching for specific products or services like the ones you provide. There are several things that can make your site better and help it rank higher on search engines.

Below is a list of eight of the most important tips on e-commerce SEO from Google.

  1. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly.
  2. Keep the content fresh, relevant, and keyword optimized.
  3. Use Schema markup to help Google understand what your site is about.
  4. Use the HTML sitemap to help Google index your pages.
  5. Use title tags, meta descriptions, and alt tags to entice search users.
  6. Use keywords in all relevant sections of your site—including product descriptions and product titles.
  7. Link out from other sites that are relevant to yours (e.g., product reviews or customer reviews).
  8. Generate leads, and ask the experts. The first step in any successful sales process is generating leads.


This is where Upcision comes in. We produce high quality, sales qualified leads for SEO agencies, ensuring that every lead we send is perfect for your client’s needs.

We then reach out to them several times to ensure the lead has genuine interest. It’s no surprise why some of the most successful SEO companies use our program with massive success. We screen and double-verify each prospect, thus ensuring it meets our standard of quality.

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