Top Tik Tock Trends of March and How You Can Use Them


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Top Tik Tock Trends of March and How You Can Use Them

Tik Tok is one of the fastest moving social media platforms in terms of memes and trends. As soon as you feel that you’ve gotten a sense of one, it becomes old news. This can be frustrating for a marketer whose audience is heavily present on Tik Tok. But by staying on top of those biggest trends, you can easily make your brand relevant and entertaining to your audience.

So what are the current Tik Tok trends? Let’s get into some of the ones we’ve seen this March so far, and how you can use them to promote your brand.

“What Did It Get Me?”

If you used to watch Glee, the soundbyte of Kurt Hummel (played by Chris Colfer) singing “All that work and what did it get me? Why did I do it?” in “Rose’s Turn” may strike a familiar chord. In this popular trend, users make videos about something they put effort into that they later regretted — such as a bad haircut or buying something only to have it not meet their needs.

In marketing your brand, you could make a video like this from the perspective of your audience choosing a different brand and not having it work out. Or you could present it as an issue they have which your brand could solve.

“Are You There, God? It’s Me, Fiona.”

This soundbyte comes from the musical adaptation of Shrek, and users have been implementing it in videos about things they desperately want. In this meme, the user begs or prays dramatically for a favor from “God” or the universe or what have you. You can use this to highlight a unique or coveted feature of one of your products or services, or simply to engage with the interests of your audience.

Grandpacore Fashion

In the world of fashion as shown on Tik Tok, we’re seeing a lot of “grandpacore.” This fits right in for the rising trend of the past few years for more cozy, comfortable vibes. Grandpacore includes things like loose-fitting cardigans, tweed jackets, sweater vests, and generally anything you can see your grandpa wearing.

This may not seem like something you can use unless you have a fashion brand. But you could incorporate it in collaborations with influencers. Or you could look deeper at this trend: is your audience looking for something cozy, quiet, and familiar? How can you share that through your Tik Tok marketing?

“Tempting, But No…”

This popular moment in the classic movie Notting Hill made its way to Book Tok and then soon after to the rest of Tik Tok. It’s the perfect, scathing soundbyte to make a meme for receiving an offer that is anything but tempting. As a marketer, you might use this to play on some of the features or lack of features that your competitors have as opposed to your own brand. You can use just the audio or include the cut-out of Julia Roberts delivering the line, as the initial Book Tok video did.

Tik Tok Shops

Many small businesses such as indie artists have been making use of their Tik Tok shops. This allows them to sell their products directly from Tik Tok. Of course, you may have your own shop already and want to get most of your traffic there. However, you can use your Tik Tok shop to sell a limited run or special offer of a particular product. This can help generate interest and excitement, and you can then point your new followers and audience to your main shop.

“Gonna Be Okay”

This instrumental sound gives the vibe of a feel-good mid-2000s movie where you know that everything is going to work out in the end. Tik Tokers have been making videos using this sound to reflect on something in their life or come to the realization that life is actually pretty good.

This is a great meme to create some positive content about your brand. Consider using it to show your audience what life could be like with an investment in your products or services. Life is pretty good, and things are going to be okay…with help from your brand.

These are just a few of the top trends that we’ve seen go viral in March, and they can serve as excellent inspiration for your Tik Tok marketing. But the important thing is to keep watching those trends and see when the new hottest trend shows up. When you do that, you may just be leading the way with the Tik Tok trends for next month.

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