Using Instagram Collab Posts in Your Marketing

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Using Instagram Collab Posts in Your Marketing

It’s more important than ever for marketers to find creative ways to get the attention of their target audiences. Fortunately, ever-growing social media platforms offer plenty of ways to do this. One tool that you can use as a marketer is Instagram collab posts.

Collab posts are simple: you can create an original post and then invite another poster as a collaborator. If they accept, the post shows up on their Instagram page for their followers to see. They can access comments and likes just like the original poster.

So how can you use this in your marketing? Here are a few ideas:

Show Off Your Recent Partnerships

If you recently partnered with another brand that has an Instagram presence, show that off with a collab post. Your original post can be a graphic to promote the product you worked on with them, a picture of one of your team members with one of their team members, or even a video delving into the collaboration. This can be a great way to create buzz and to spread awareness of your new partnership.

Collaborate With Influencers

Although TikTok is making its way up, Hubspot says that Instagram remains the number one place to find influencers. There are over 64 million influencers on the platform, and partnering with even one or two of them can be a great way to boost your brand’s reach. When you work with an influencer, consider making a collab post with them. That way, when your post shows up on their Instagram, their followers will be able to follow it straight back to your Instagram account.

Hype Up Your Team

Collab posts can also be a great way to brag about your team. Of course, many of your team members will want to keep their personal Instagram accounts separate from their work life or the public eye, and that’s fine. But if any of your team members have a professional Instagram account, invite them to be a collaborator on a post that hypes up some of the work they’ve recently accomplished.

This can accomplish a few things. For one thing, it can make your team members feel valued and special to be spotlighted. It can also show off your company culture to a wider audience. Customers like to see that the brands they patronize have a beating heart, and this can help to endear them to you. If your employees also have past professional contacts who might be interested in your services, this is a good way to get their attention, as well.

Turn the Creative Aspect Over to Your Creative Partners

Coming up with creative, engaging Instagram posts several times a week can be a daunting task, especially if your skills and focus with your brand lay elsewhere. But when you include a more creative partner like an influencer as a collaborator on your Instagram post, they can take over much of the creative elements of it. You can sit back and let their creative work bring attention to your brand. They can also make their own posts and include you as a collaborator, creating a passive way for you to bring traffic to your website.

Make Your Shopping Posts Into Collab Posts

Instagram knows that it is home to countless brands and entrepreneurs. It allows you to make shopping posts, where you can create ads, stories, and posts that all go back to your shop. On top of that, however, you can make those shopping posts collab posts. If you are advertising a product that is a partnership with another business or an influencer, add them to a collab post. This helps to double the amount of customers that see your shopping posts, thus increasing your chances of making sales from them.

Collaborate With Customers

One great way to gain customer loyalty and bring other customers in is to involve them in your process. Consider an event in which customers can create content that you boost, possibly with a reward such as a free product or a discount along the way, when they respond to your event, that can become a collab post. This helps to spread the word of your exciting event, and it shows a fun example of you collaborating with your customers.

Open Yourself Up to the Possibility of Other Partnerships

When you use Instagram collab posts to show off your partnerships with other brands, you also put yourself out there for other businesses who are looking for partners. They can see what you have to offer and how your partnerships have gone in the past. Once they see your collab posts, they might just slide into your DMs to make you a new exciting offer.

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