VOIP Case Study

Upcision’s Demand Generation Campaign Gained 222 New Phone Lines for Leading VoIP Phone Company over 90 Days

Let’s examine the number breakdown of the campaign

  • 492 Leads Delivered
  • 276 Converted Appointments
  • 108 Opportunities
  • 54 Sold Deals
  • 222 Lines Acquired


Upcision has gained a strong reputation in VoIP demand generation due to it’s commitment to a meticulous multi-touch lead filtration process.



A leading national VoIP service company approached Upcision with the aim of building a new channel of demand generation to support it’s expanding inbound sales division. Upcision’s ability to produce voice-contacted SQLs at scale was integral to the campaign implementation. The objective was to zero in on companies with needs between 1 to 20 lines. Upcision’s ability to penetrate these SMBs did not disappoint.

How Upcision Helped

Upcision’s success came as a result of it’s ability to penetrate relevant target SMBs cost-effectively. As a result, the Client was able to close 10.9% of leads that were dispositioned, while averaging 4.1 lines per deal.


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