2020 Vision: Five Marketing Trends in B2B that Will Change the Game

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2020 Vision: Five Marketing Trends in B2B that Will Change the Game

Improving Upon the Past

A large part of the technological atmosphere of the 2010s has been taking the technology established in the 2000s and working to improve it even further. This is illustrated the best through the B2B world. This world is dominated by over 2/3rds of millennials, all of whom know what they’re doing. These people research constantly, performing 12 searches or more before they do business with a site.

The business side of B2B is seeing this, and they have to adapt. They have to stand above the crowd, and if you’re one of those businesses, you’re probably wondering what the 2020s will bring. Here are five tips to get you started for next year.

Everything’s Personal

When it comes to communication with your potential customer, you have to make it personal. The cookie cutter, copy and paste response will turn off over 72 percent of people these days. You need to talk to each customer using their own preferences. The power of automation has made this much easier. You can craft a messaged tailored to each person’s preferences while making it sound personal.

Don’t Forget Email

Email is still important on the Internet. While people don’t use it to communicate to one another as much, you need email for
everything on the Internet, so make that a part of your marketing. Of course, the problem is getting your customers to open the email in the first place.

A study from MailChimp looked at 50 businesses and found that their emails are opened only 21.33 percent of the time.

What does this mean for you? Once again, personalization. You need to make the email like a letter from a friend, and when your customer
opens it, get all the data you need. How and when a customer opens the email can tell a lot about them. Where they are at the time, if they’re at home, etc.

If you’re a business, you need to look at email marketing. Tools like Campaign Monitor, SharpSpring, Customer.io, and similar programs can help you out.

Do We Even Need to Mention Social Media?

For better or for worse, everyone is on social media. In the 2000s, it was a niche market, but in the 2010s, over 200 million Americans
and counting are on it.

Social media marketing can help, be it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other emerging social media site. However, it’s a little
trickier. For the best social media marketing experience, you have to identify your niche, talk to your customers, and find a way to set yourself apart. Every business is producing content and finding new ways to communicate with their clients, and you need to figure out which is best for you.

Being on all social media sites is not the best move. You need to find the best one for your audience. Your audience may be more visual, and on Instagram more, for instance. The B2B people tend to be on LinkedIn more, however, and that’s a good starting point. Over 4/5ths of all leads come from LinkedIn.

Always Look for the Best Ways to Content Market

Content marketing is going to grow in the 2020s. For many potential customers, consuming marketing content is almost like consuming any other piece of entertainment. Many businesses are looking for VR, AR, and other ways to have an interactive experience. Almost half of all marketers are planning to use YouTube to get to their consumer base, and about 70 percent use video to research what their consumers are going to purchase.

Video content is the king in this situation. Google loves to rank video content above text. This is because video has everything. It has writing, animation, data, interactive live footage, and so much more. In the old days of the Internet, it would take forever to load a video. Nowadays, anyone can load a video from their mobile devices.

As for VR, this industry has grown into a powerhouse. By 2023, it’s expected to rise to $160 billion. Almost every business that has tried VR, AR, or a variation, has said it has a positive experience on their business. Every customer wants to look to the future, and VR is the epitome of future technology.


Chatbots are robots that interact with customers via a chat. These chats run on a template and can help most clients resolve their issues. In addition, chatbots may work to get new leads. This is another industry that’s worth a lot of money. By 20201, businesses may invest over $400 million in chatbots.

Chatbots need to be personalized. No customer wants to talk to a script that is obviously a robot. With today’s chatbot technology, it can give the customer a satisfying experience while helping to solve any problem.

These are just a few B2B trends to look out for in 2020. Customers want communication personalized to themselves, and it needs to happen in a timely manner. By using your money to research your audience and invest in technologies, you can be able to get the most out of your marketing.

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