8 Steps That Will Help You Generate Multichannel B2B Leads

8 steps that will help you generate

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8 Steps That Will Help You Generate Multichannel B2B Leads

It has never been easy to run B2B lead generation campaigns. It requires knowledge and strategy. Much more, if you are looking to generate multichannel B2B leads for campaigns that involve funnel sales.
However, these are worth it if you know how to do them. And this is what this article is about. Today we will be showing 8 steps that you can apply to be successful and do your campaigns well.

Multichannel B2B Lead Generation 8 Steps

  1. Define your target audience: This is practically the first step in any campaign to be executed. It is not recommended to start a campaign without predefining who it will be directed to. The results may be the opposite of what is expected if we do not send the message to the correct person.
    How can you do it?
    Use analytics tools such as Google Analytics and locate these data: What is the average age of your followers, users; the gender; what content has the majority been interested in; where they are located; language; with which browser and device they connected; channel they use.
    This real data will help you channel your campaign to the right audience.
  2. Stay updated about your competition: The good thing is that currently, tools such as Google Analytics Benchmark Reports, SimilarWeb, Semrush, SpyFu, and Pathmatics, make our job much easier by informing us that they are doing the competition with accurate data.
  3. Offer attractive offers: Sales and marketing go hand in hand. However, experience tells us that people do not want to be sold. They want solutions. They want to be attracted by whoever offers what interests them.
    Therefore, to reach your B2B leads, try holding events, prizes, and valuable gifts. This type of offer attracts an audience.
  4. Make announcements and advertise what you offer: This is very important to promote your offers. With the accelerated evolution of the internet, the promotion has become a challenge. Try to make your ads in quality design formats and highlight video formats.
  5. Analyze responses to ads: You will know if what you are applying and how you have decided to do it effectively. And of course, if it gives the answer you expected.
    There is something to consider in this multichannel B2B marketing and lead generation thing. It is that trial and error is our best tool. The analytics will help you determine whether to continue with the same strategy or if it is time to change it.
    To ensure that your channels are working, do not forget to calculate the ROAS (return on advertising investment) for each. The numbers are the real indicators of what is happening.
  6. Use the data to your advantage: Be aware of the following:
    a. Conversion tracking.
    b. Smart data platforms and integrations.
    c. Analysis of user behavior.
    d. Multi-channel attribution.
    And. Prescriptive and predictive Analysis.
    F. Multi-domain tracking.
    It will help you make better decisions. The data is a guide that directs our campaigns, as the objective is to generate the most significant number of multichannel B2B leads. Knowing how the behavior is in each of them is vital for success.
  7. Give your B2B what interests them, feed the relationship: Nurturing the relationship will make that lead really solid, so directing your campaigns to this objective is very important.
    How to do it? Apply strategies such as:
    • Social networks: build a strong profile that encourages browsers to click and submit information.
    • Paid Ads: these are specially designed to boost your lead generation campaign.
  8. Apply email marketing: It really is a powerful tool.
    Try to automate your website to boost this channel. The goal is to get the email of the person who visits your website.



B2B campaigns are not simple, so each must be accompanied by research, keywords, and a lot of common sense. Thinking like a customer always helps to optimize campaigns.

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