B2B Digital Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2022

B2B digital marketing statistics

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B2B Digital Marketing Statistics You Should Know in 2022


Do you have a company and want to grow through digital marketing?
Do you know what content marketing, B2B Marketing, or Statistics Analysis is?

The world is constantly changing, and a company must keep up with innovations to be successful, so digital marketing and content marketing must be included in your marketing strategy. Analyzing your potential client, making them consume your product, and retaining their loyalty is an arduous process that you can achieve with a good strategy.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has become one of the best sales strategies. With this, you can permanently include your customers by making them engage through tactics that demonstrate the use of your product or idea, thus creating a message that positively values ​​your company.

Now, B2B marketing focuses more on business-to-business sales, let’s remember that a person does not have the same interests when making a personal purchase as when investing for the company. Since they are different situations, the sales tactics should also be. Therefore, in this case, the strategy should focus on demonstrating the products and, above all, the service that the other company needs.

Statistics in marketing

Numerical data is an essential part of a company. Knowing how to analyze them and that these data generate strategies to improve or maintain your sales is where the importance of contacting experts on the subject lies. We recommend you take into account the following statistics:

  • Content Marketing: 85% of companies create these strategies in their marketing, but this must be appropriate for the type of product or service, make engaging, helpful, and creative content.
  • Valuable content: In its latest research, demandmetric.com revealed that 90% of companies create content for their commercial campaigns, as 60% of consumers said they buy after learning much more about the uses and benefits of a product or service.•
  • Using SEO: Growing organically in digital marketing is hard work that pays off handsomely, according to 67% of companies surveyed by SEMRUSH.
  • Mobile Friendly: 96% of people, according to Think with Google, use their cell phones to find out any information. So your strategy must be suitable for mobile, either through your website, an app, or through social networks.
  • Keep your blog up to date.
    This strategy is very effective since it shows your product is non-invasive, creating more than a desire, a need for it. HubSpot says that 71% of B2B customers consume blog articles to purchase a product or service.
    Finally, content marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing, so it is an ingenious strategy to invest in it because you generate more for less with it. So if you still don’t do it, we recommend that you start developing your content or improve the one you already have.

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