B2B Demand Generation Trends to Watch in 2022

B2B demand generation

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B2B Demand Generation Trends to Watch in 2022

The tireless search continues to find out the new trends that satisfy the demands of B2B. By 2022, what will be the demand trends? Let’s see what the experts say about it.


1. RevOps (Revenue Operations): Enables a holistic approach designed to break down silos between departments. RevOps aligns sales, marketing, and customer success operations across the entire lifecycle for effectiveness and efficiency across all teams. By 2022, working on accelerating processes that allow the administration of integrated tools that incorporate marketing, sales, and customer success is a growing trend for companies to conquer the B2B market.

2. Prioritize the work of the Marketing Data Analyst: Data about the profile segments of potential customers; strategies on how to convert those profiles to potential clients; and the causes – effects that led to success with the system that converts those potential clients into quality clients; are some of the responsibilities of the data analyst that can completely change the curve of investment Vs. ROI.

3. Buyer-focused marketing: This implies providing important information relevant to the buyer, such as the price of the products, but not only supply it, but the process must be as simple, fast, and attentive as possible, focused on the buyer. One of the main objectives is to provide a positive experience for the buyer who, in the end, is one of the most important parties for the company.

4. Media production: And of particular content, if something does not go out of style over time or cease to be challenging year after year, consumers have the levels of demands. Considering that the same B2B producers are consumers, the challenge to produce becomes much more significant to meet those expectations before the presentation and design that satisfies the tastes of a sophisticated buyer.

5. Focused on sales: By 2022, companies will seek to align sales with marketing with much more effort, using tools such as mail marketing, apps that allow connection with the client, remote work support, and others that make the journey easier. And cash. The marketing team is challenged to produce more valuable tools, training to increase sales, and practical strategies to ensure sales on a consistent timeline.

These 5, 2022 demand trends reflect the B2B trend to focus on sales and, of course, the protagonist who can make this possible: The buyer. B2B companies have the challenge of adapting to the new realities and demands that will allow them the expected success.

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