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Best Overall VoIP Systems

Are you in search of the best Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or the VoIP that will satisfy your business needs? Then this post is for you. 
VoIP can simply be defined as using the internet to make phone calls instead of using your cell phones or landlines. You can also think of it as advanced Skype. Even though most VoIP service requires regular subscription, it helps you save a lot of money on international calls or business meetings. It’s more reliable for your audio calls and video conferencing over long distances. 
You may be thinking, why is VoIP service so important? VoIPs play an important role in your business activities. It gives your business a Professional outlook to your clients and also aids your workers efficiency. Asides using VoIP service for your business, you can also use some VoIPs to stay in touch with your family members or relatives. These VoIPs don’t require much IT knowledge to operate thereby making it easy to use for your folks who are not tech savvy. Above all, its greatest advantage is the reduction of calls. You get to make good quality calls, both audio and video at low costs compared to using your landlines and cell phones which comes at a greater cost. 
Let’s also talk about the things you need to look out for when subscribing for a VoIP service. VoIP services are of various types and it’s crucial for you to know which of its features that’s best for your needs and the one to go for. If you’re buying a VoIP service for your business, you should look out for VoIP services that offers business features like automatic recording, toll-free numbers or fax. Also put into consideration the size of your business. Small businesses don’t need a VoIP service that supports a lot of users, but can get a flexible plan to expand your VoIP service as the business develops. If you intend to use VoIP services for regular friends and family calls, you don’t need to get the VoIP with business features, you’ll just find yourself paying for services you don’t need.
Above all, it’s important to know what you can afford and buy a VoIP service that suits your budget. Keep reading to find out our best VoIP options. 

1. RingCentral

RingCentral is suitable for businesses that have branches in different locations and remote workers. The RingCentral VoIP creates a virtual office feeling. It supports texting alongside its standard unlimited calls within Canada and the US. It offers unlimited audio and video calls with about 100 participants, quality service reports, extensive software integration with office 365, Slack and GSuite with an upgrade option to more industry specific integrations and unlimited faxing. It can be set to record calls automatically. The RingCentral VoIP enables your workers to stay in touch and ensures that your client’s calls are followed up. 

2. Intermedia Unite

Intermedia Unite is very suitable for small businesses and it’s quite affordable. It offers unlimited call service within three countries (Puerto, US and Canada). The cheapest of its package offers video conferencing for four people which is quite suitable if your business does virtual meetings with its remote workers. The premium package covers up to 30 people. Intermedia Unite has a cloud storage capacity of 2GB per user for the cheapest package and 100GB for the premium package. Its features also include call recording, spam protection and an option to keep using your current phone number. And if you decide to go into software integration in the future, Intermedia Unite allows integration with office 365, Zoho, Microsoft Teams, GSuite and other CRM software. Salesforce support is also included in the premium plan

3. 8×8

8×8 is suitable for international businesses. Long distance is no longer a barrier when you go for 8×8 VoIP service. It totally eliminates country restriction problem. It covers up to 14 countries on its cheap packages and about 47 countries on its premium packages. The 8×8 VoIP service helps you save money on international calls or if you have workers around the world. It has extensive call handling features like call forwarding, caller ID,ring groups, call queues and an auto attendant. Premium packages offer extensive software integration for your staff. It includes the Office 365, team messaging and GSuite software integration for your staff.

4. Ooma

Ooma office is a phone system. It is suitable for businesses that handle calls. The Ooma Office VoIP service is quite cheap. It renders a virtual receptionist service that automatically welcomes and can be programmed to give necessary information to callers, unlimited calling in Canada and the US, also it provides limited integration among other features. It specifies the use of its own phones to get its features. If you’re looking for collaborative features Ooma Office is not a suitable option for you. It’s more effective for handling calls.

5. Vonage Business

This is a simple web based interface for administrators. It is very easily to understand, you don’t really need much training on how to use it. Vonage Business VoIP service has packages you can choose from. Although its small packages covers unlimited calls, video conferencing, team messaging and SMS messaging, you might feel the need to upgrade to an higher plan which offers visual voicemail, call recording and software integration. You can choose the one that works with your business needs and budget.

6. Lifesize

This is different from the other VoIP services. It offers a range of free plans with unlimited durations. It has a high quality video footage. You can host up to about 25 participants with good footage on its free plans for 6 months. And if you decide to upgrade to its paid packages, you can get to host 100-400 participants with 4K resolution footage. It’s not suitable for dealing with your clients; it’s more effective for regular video conferences between your employees because its software integration is limited with only Microsoft teams, calendar and email integration. It’s simply for staying in touch and holding meetings remotely and supports long meetings duration up to 24 hours. Its value is equal to its price.

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