Boost Your B2b Marketing With Conversational AI

Boost your B2B marketing

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Boost Your B2b Marketing With Conversational AI

Conversational AI is now the fastest and most efficient tool for providing quality customer feedback. It has become a beneficial platform for the projection of B2B in terms of growth and strengthening of business relationships. And since one of the main objectives you have as a B2B company is the consolidation of the attention systems to guarantee permanence, knowing how they work, the advantages and the momentum for advancement are significant. Being at the forefront always makes a difference.


The first is that B2B remains at the forefront with a strategic plan regarding the competitiveness of market positioning. Although conversational AI is a powerful service tool emphasizing the strategic plan, it will not give the expected results if it is not done under a service and sales plan.

What is the added value that it offers?
Conversational AI is based on artificial intelligence, which, unlike chatbots, simulates the conversation with a human being since it can group topics and link them. Its added value consists of being able to give immediate answers to clients about their doubts and concerns.

In addition, you can use them for different social networks, destination pages, and even in a mobile app. It is really very versatile. However, if some of these arguments are not enough for you to implement it as a service system for your B2B customers, here are 5 ways you can boost your marketing with the use of conversational AI.


  1. Trace the buyer’s route: each buyer is unique and wants to have a personalized shopping experience, through conversational AI, you can learn a little more about the interests, trends, and browsing decisions of a user, in addition, you can accelerate the conversation to match customer or customers preferences.
  2. Give personalized attention: nothing anchors a brand more than being treated uniquely according to one’s tastes. This allows you to have closer client data, such as their name, email address, telephone, among others. It is crucial to know what to say, say it, and when to say it, and with conversational AI, it is possible to program it for that purpose.
  3. Content promotion: AIs can provide content in the different stages of the funnel, this does since as it progresses in the customer conversation, it can show relevant branded content such as a video, a blog link. The AI can recognize if the visitor is a recurring visitor and vary the type of content, this action can lead a simple visitor to become a buyer.
  4. Increase leads organically: when a customer is recurring, the AI can be programmed to offer the customer some special gift promotion such as participation in a seminar, asking the customer to fill out a form, for example. In such a way that this visitor becomes a potential customer.
  5. You can use it on social media platforms and problem-solving platforms, allowing you to have much more direct contact with users and give a much faster and personalized response.

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