Trends In B2B Technology Digital Marketing

Trends in B2B technology

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Trends In B2B Technology Digital Marketing

If there is something true in all this B2B technology marketing, there is nothing absolute in terms of applying strategies, but there is in terms of competitiveness. It is important to maintain a thread of growth, updating, and adaptability to achieve the goals set. As a B2B technology marketing strategist, have you already drawn your plan according to the 2021 trends?

According to the experts, the actions to follow if you want to conquer the best positions this 2021.


1. Creation of original content: We mean content created by you, be it written, audio, or visual, try to make it interesting for both google and your users.

2. Use statistics in favor: practically, social networks and everything related to the digital world provides us with real data that make assertive decision-making much more manageable.

3. Adaptation to the new audio and virtual assistance platforms, such as Clubhouse and Alexa, which are growing rapidly, will surprise more than one if they are not attentive now.

4. Virtual platforms and remote work: 2020 and 2021 have been post-pandemic schools of all the benefits that virtual platforms and remote work can give in the face of a possible economic threat.

5. Digital interaction: be it through videos, platforms such as Clubhouse, TikTok, or any other social platform that allows interaction that is transmitted person to person, it is an excellent marketing strategy and a tool for imminent growth.

6. Conversational marketing and chatbots: with one-click access and the instant browsing speed that the internet allows us, users want to receive an answer to their doubts, problems they may have with a product or service.

7. Creation of post-seminar communication channels: after your clients connect with you through a webinar, they will feel the need to create communication relationships, therefore, work on the creation or opening of voice messaging channels or text, which allow them to reinforce person-to-person marketing.

8. Integrated and multi-system Martech architectures: for the organization of campaigns in different channels, at scale and in a much easier way, allowing easy integration and data flow.

9. Application of some B2C strategies: as professional life merges more and more with personal life, technology B2Bs will gradually adopt new digital customer acquisition strategies to apply some of the strategy Highlights in B2C Marketing.

10. Creativity in content creation: this is, has been and will be one of the most powerful and challenging marketing strategies, much more now than in the digital world. There is an open letter for creative ideas to be made known and worldwide broadcast channels in a short time.



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