Reasons Why Keyword Search Is Crucial In Business

Reasons why keyword search is crucial

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Reasons Why Keyword Search Is Crucial In Business

Content marketing until now has been a strategy that has yielded quite good results for all those focused on B2B relationships.
It continues to be a challenge for content generators to create useful, engaging, and quality material. Although creativity, planning, and other knowledge factors are the fundamental basis for content creation, several pieces of information are super helpful for all those who work with B2B content marketing.

It is a series of frequently asked questions based on statistics. We have prepared to know the trends and realities according to the analysis of the values that indicate the behavior of B2B companies in response to the strategies applied.

  1. What state of the 2021 marketing budgets?
    Something exciting is reflected in the Demand Gen Report, which tells us that marketers are shifting their budgets towards ABM (61%), content marketing (60%), sales enablement (48%), and personalization (43%). ). This probably comes as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. The trend is to invest much more in content marketing and lower the budget for holding events.
  2. How was the 2021 marketing budget?
    The Gartner report indicates that the budget for content creation represents 9.3%. This shows us how important it is to set aside money for content marketing to implement strategy successfully, and statistics show that CMOs prioritize content.
  3. How has B2b marketing been in 2021?
    Promote conducted a survey of several B2B asking them which of the marketing channels will be expanded in terms of budget percentage and which has generated the most revenue. The WPromote report showed the results, noting that 44% of those surveyed indicated that the channel they will expand would be that of content creation, and 47% said that this same channel was the one that generated the most income.
    These responses tell us that to be successful B2B must continue to focus on content marketing by 2022.
  4. How has content marketing been executed?
    The following reports give us exciting details:

• From the Content Marketing Institute report, a piece of very relevant information is obtained. 50% of those surveyed affirmed that they operate on platforms such as websites, blogs, magazines, social networks and that another 32% are based on project/campaign models.
• The Pathfactory Report shows that 12% are using the content to increase the conversion in sales in the results obtained.
• The HubSpot report indicates that 65% of respondents have video as the primary means of generating content. By 2022 the algorithms of the robots will be based on content in video format.


Analysis of Results

These results give us some interesting data for the creation of the 2022 B2B marketing plan. Everything indicates that content marketing will continue with its position of relevance in the planning of digital marketing strategies. So if you haven’t set a budget or invested enough in B2B content marketing yet, pay attention to the numbers and make up your mind about it.

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