SEO Using Keywords for B2B and B2C

SEO using keywords for B2B

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SEO Using Keywords for B2B and B2C

What should I do to get a better search engine ranking? What happens like my SEM and SEO that does not work for B2B and if for B2C?

These are very interesting and common questions that many companies with B2B clients ask themselves by not having the expected results in their online stores.

The answers to these questions can give a complete twist to the management and application of SEO and SEM strategies for B2B.
The first thing we must establish about this issue is that users and their search modalities are totally different for both B2B and B2C. The keywords used frequently differ from each other.

And we will talk about this in a little more detail in this article.

How is SEO and the use of Keywords for B2B and B2C?

Surely you find yourself on the internet with a series of recommendations on doing keyword research, and these work perfectly for B2C, but not for B2B. Therefore, we will tell you how to use each of them.

  1. Procurement specialists shop online in alphanumeric words that refer to the number of parts and in unique stock-keeping units (SKUs) when associated with the name of the manufacturer of that product. Standard consumers locate products by trade name, and long-tail use generally applies.
  2. To be successful in your campaigns for both cases, you must apply the fundamentals of SEO and SEM.
  3. The URLs must all be traceable. Use tools that allow you to ensure the indexing of each of them so that the robot can track each of them. Don’t have orphan URLs. All pages on your website are trackable.
  4. To improve the position of your online store or website, ensure that the speed and browsing experience you provide is acceptable and pleasant to users. Make sure that you meet the minimum requirements of robots to assign you better positions in the search results.


For your campaigns to be successful, learn to differentiate your audience and the way they search the internet. This will allow your campaigns to be practical concerning the keywords, their levels of competition, and the number of searches.
Increasing leads is possible if you provide a pleasant browsing experience and provide the robot with what is necessary.

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