The Contact Center Is A Support Boost For The Growth Of Your Company

The contact center is a support boost

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The Contact Center Is A Support Boost For The Growth Of Your Company

The Contact Center Is A Support Boost For The Growth Of Your Company

Previously, companies used to hire a call center to respond to the requirements that customer service demanded.

But with all the changes that communication systems have had, call centers were displaced by contact centers.

A contact center is, in a simple definition, a center that is responsible for receiving and transmitting calls, requests, requests through communication channels such as chats, email, SMS messages, social networks, among others.

And it is extremely helpful for companies since communication channels currently allow direct contact with the customer, which generates a high level of demand for companies in terms of customer service.

The day-to-day operational responsibilities of the company often demand time, so hiring a contact center is the smartest solution to provide immediate responses to those who contact us and have the freedom to operate in other areas.

But how do you choose one? Is there any particular value that you say is with this yes or with that office no?

As in most decisions, it is difficult to give a rigid verdict. We have decided to present you with a contact center list in random order. That is, one does not prioritize another.

The objective is that you have helpful information to choose which one you consider best for your company.


This is an omnichannel platform with which CX leaders can manage their metrics and interactions. In addition, they allow seeing performance management in real-time.

Among the advantages is the implementation and scaling of Genesys Cloud CX simply, but the prices are a disadvantage for some, especially small companies. Their plans start with $ 75 / month/agent.

Other features it has are:

  • WFM and ACD.
  • Has speech analytics.
  • Has IVR that includes voice-enabled options.
  • Allows you to make call recordings.
  • Genesys Cloud CX for Salesforce and other CRM tools.


It includes various features that allow conference calls, tracking, monitoring, recording, reporting, tagging, and even scheduling. Although it is pretty easy to use, this platform has limitations in customization and the generation of survey reports.

Their plans start at $ 65 / month/agent.

Other features it has are:

  • It has integrated CRM tools.
  • Has compliance management, including HIPAA.
  • Fields and reports are customizable.
  • Includes a panel of activities in real-time for the management and follow-up of contacts and clients, allowing the inclusion of a client database.
  • In addition, it has automatic answering machine detection.


This platform is quite friendly. It has open APIs for application integrations and to activate call functions such as conferencing, administration, recording, transfer, and automated routing capabilities. One of its cons is that it does not allow obtaining historical and real-time reports. Their plans start at $ 125 / month/user.

Other features it has are:

  • Has multi-user collaboration.
  • A self-service portal.
  • Has single sign-on capabilities.
  • VoIP capabilities.


It is a cloud-based platform characterized by having omnichannel capabilities that support voice, chat, text, email, and social networks. One of their best attractions is that they offer Flex Insights, which allows agents to have access to call summaries, in addition to accessing their personalized dashboard, reports, and analysis capabilities.

With plans starting at $ 1 per user per hour or $ 150 per user per month.

Other features it has are:

  • Detection of answering machine;
  •  Has call waiting, recording, and reporting capabilities.
  • Allows queued callbacks.
  • Outgoing dialing.
  • Internal chat.

The Basics

Above are some of the many contact center platforms that you can find on the internet but. if you decide to go with one that’s not listed here, be careful!  Make sure they offer these basic business services to you, the business owner:

  • Customer Support
  • Information inquiries
  • Medium
  • Advertising
  • Sales
  • Follow
  • Quality
  • Collection

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