What To Do At Lead Generation Conferences


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What To Do At Lead Generation Conferences

Lead generation is a big part of growing your business, so it’s no surprise that there are a number of lead generation conferences out there, as well as conferences where you can work to generate leads in general. You can learn lead generation tips from experts, make business connections, and find resources that can help you grow your customer base. 

With more and more people going to conferences in 2023, you may already have plans to go to a lead generation conference — perhaps for the first time, if not the first time in a while. Here are a few of our tips for what to do when attending lead generation conferences:

#1 – Attend the Right Lead Generation Conference For You

Not all lead generation conferences are going to be helpful for you or your business. For instance, if you run a B2B company, attending a B2C lead generation conference will likely have a lot of information that won’t be useful to you. If the lead generation is for businesses getting started while you have a decade of experience under your belt, or if it is for a particular industry that doesn’t fit your business, it likewise won’t offer much help to you.

Do your research on the lead generation conference: the speakers attending, the target audience, the events available. Only sign up for the conference if it seems to have information or opportunities that are specifically helpful for your situation.

#2 – Prepare a Promotion Plan

Preparing for promotion is more than simply making business cards and brochures. What do you want to promote at this conference? Do you have a new service that you want to try out? Are you rebranding? It’s a good idea to make a promotion plan before you attend. This will help you to answer any questions and to effectively pitch your business to the right connections. This is also the time to decide which member or members of your team should attend the conference.  

Try to set a goal for what you want to achieve at the conference: 50 new leads? 10 follow ups? Set a realistic goal proportionate to the conference itself and plan for how to meet that goal. 

#3 – Try To Get a Speaking Opportunity For Next Year

If you’re buying tickets to attend the lead generation conference, it’s probably too late to get on a panel or have a speaking opportunity. It’s certainly too late if you’re already at the event. These things are planned months in advance. But speak to the event organizers about the best way to put your business forward for a panel or speaking event for next year.

Speaking at a lead generation conference is a great way to put your business front and center. It also allows you to show off your authority and expertise. It can look good on your resume even after the event when it comes to generating leads.

#4 – Target Attendees That Fit Your ICP

Your ideal customer profile (ICP) is a projected profile of the type of customer that would be perfect for your company. This is someone who has the exact issue your brand was created to resolve. Developing an ICP can help you focus on the leads that would reap the most benefit, without wasting time or money on those that aren’t likely to pan out.

You have a limited time at the conference, which allows opportunity for precious face-to-face conversation about your brand and your offerings. Make sure to hone in on attendees that fit your ICP. Those conversations are likely to be much more exciting and productive, allowing you to make the best use of your time.

#5 – Post Where You’re Going To Be

If you’re setting up a booth, or better yet if you have a speaking event, make sure everyone knows about it. A few weeks before the event, you can post a blog telling people what booth on the floor you’ll have or what panel to attend to hear you speak. You should also make sure this information is posted on your social media. 

Make sure that when the big day comes, you advertise on social media. Take a picture of your booth, or even post short videos or stories of your team at your booth. This will remind people where you are and invite them to come see you at the event. Even to followers who don’t attend the event, this will set your company up as an authority within your industry, building trust for your leads as a whole.

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