13 Lead Generation Strategies

13 lead generation strategies

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13 Lead Generation Strategies

The Necessity for Lead Generation

If you have a B2B (Business to Business) digital organization or company, you work directly with companies. Therefore, you need to be 100% focused on generating leads.

By 2021, companies should have the primary goals that, according to the experts, apply the best strategies to increase the number of leads during the year.

In this sense, we have compiled the 13 best strategies that you can apply in 2021, and we present them with the intention that this year you will achieve your goals.

1. Evaluate the marketing of 2020: sit down to reflect and preferably write what worked for you and what did not. The B2B world is very changing, but not unknown. If you do this, you may have the ideal solution when a similar case is presented to you again in 2021.

2. Do not depend totally on the events: although the results obtained last year were excellent, carrying them out is not always possible so that you can adapt to other initiatives.

3. Spend more time on your website: statistics show that creating dynamic, original, attractive, and exciting content is a real focus for attracting potential customers.

4. Use the information you have at hand, such as real data: previously, it was complicated to get accurate data, but now not, use the information to your advantage and plan based on the data you get through forums, social networks, among others.

5. Increase your outbound marketing: with the use of banners, pop-ups, advertisements, videos, attracting quality customers becomes effective, do not focus on quantity.

6. Take advantage of social networks wisely: have a notable and influential presence on social networks, make stories, participate in forums, create videos with relevant information.

7. Use the power of personalization to your advantage: try to give your audience the answers to what they are looking for and what they need, also try to make them want to have what they do not need.

8.Prioritize statistics: analyze your visitor’s behavior, the days and hours they browse on digital platforms.

9. Optimize your website: If you don’t have a friendly website, people will enter your websites and social networks, but they will not stay. Strive to give a pleasant browsing experience.

10. Use automation to maximize: either to save time, effort, or to increase opportunities. Whenever you have the chance, automate processes with support software.

11. Increase interactive content: apply many more quizzes, questions, tools, and the static content strategy is lagging.

12. Respond or try to respond in real-time: people want to have quick responses, making your customers perceive trust.

13. Give priority to video marketing: be it short, gig, animated, or long, the videos are stealing the audience’s attention.


These strategies are successful if you apply them under an intelligent marketing plan, without planning, nothing works well.

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