Lead Generation Tools That Can Help You In 2023

Lead Generation Tools That Can Help You In 2023

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Lead Generation Tools That Can Help You In 2023

No marketer is an island, especially when it comes to lead generation. When you have enough on your plate trying to come up with marketing strategies, it can help to utilize some of the tools of the trade to help with the execution of those strategies. The digital marketing world is vast, with a number of softwares and resources that can help you with your targeted lead generation.

Here are a few lead generation tools that can help your lead-to-sales conversions in 2023.


Upcision uses a powerful multi-channel marketing regimen to help you find new and motivated buyers, boosting your sales. We work with all different types of businesses, from small-to-medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We cover all of the potential lead acquisition points:

  • Voice
  • Chat
  • Social
  • Email
  • Website
  • Mobile

You can book a 15-minute consultation to see what we can do for you, and you have ten days to send back any appointment that doesn’t provide results for you, without having to pay.


Woorise advertises itself as an “all-in-one lead generation and marketing platform.” You can create ads, landing pages, forms, surveys, and contests all from one central hub. The customizable templates offer thousands of “social actions” to share your lead generation products with your audience. You can even accept payments through Woorise.

Woorise is compatible with platforms like Facebook, Hubspot, Google, Stripe, Bitly, Paypal, and ActiveCampaign. It has multiple tiers, with the Basic Tier going for $29/mo. The Premium plan is $99+/mo.


LeadPages is a lead capture tool that allows you to create custom landing pages for different audiences. This is perfect for target lead generation, in which you break your target audience down into segments. With customizable templates, you can create the perfect landing page for your brand with ease, adding your logo and unique design elements.

LeadPages has a Standard plan that begins at $27/mo, which can serve you well if you have a small business with one website. If you want to go a little bigger, their Pro plan is $59/mo. Finally, for large businesses, there’s an Advanced plan of $239/mo, covering up to 50 websites.


SeedProd is a great option if you are new to building landing pages. It comes with a drag-and-drop builder, so you can structure your landing page easily to your preferences. You can also manage your sales and even run webinars from SeedProd. SeedProd allows you to edit in real time, so your lead generation can start as soon as you’re ready.

SeedProd has affordable yearly pricing beginning with $39.50 for Basic package, $89.55 for their Plus package, and just $159.60/year for their Pro package.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a great alternative to Mailchimp and Substack when it comes to email marketing. The interface is easy to use and extremely user-friendly. Templates are drag-and-drop, so you can cobble together your perfect newsletter. It’s a good platform if you have a hefty email list. This platform integrates well with other lead generation tools, streamlining your lead generation process.

Constant contact has a $9.99/mo plan for Core and a $45/mo plan for Plus, which allows for more dynamic content personalization.

LeadFeeder Website Tracker

The most common way to generate leads is by having potential leads fill out a form to join your email list or sign up for more information. But what about the potential leads who don’t fill out a form? LeadFeeder tells you who visits your site even if they don’t fill out a contact form. It’s specific to B2B marketers, but their Website Tracker is a popular tool for B2B lead generation. LeadFeeder’s paid plans start at $139/mo.


Overloop is built to help you design a multi-channel outbound lead generation campaign. They have great contact management features to help you organize your email lists and segment your lists for more targeted lead generation. You can send personalized emails on a large scale and track those emails over the course of your campaign. Another benefit of Overloop is their sales reporting feature. Overloop plans start at $99/per month for each user. Thus if you have multiple users, Overloop could become expensive in time.


With Hunter, you can make connections and potential leads even if they don’t connect with your website. This is a handy B2B lead generation tool which allows you to search for someone’s email simply by entering in their name and their company, or to browse all the emails available for that company. Hunter’s first plan is free, offering 25 email searches and 50 email verifications. The first paid plan is $49/mo and allows for 500 email searches and 1,000 email verifications.

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