Using Videos for Lead Generation


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Using Videos for Lead Generation

Content marketing is a common form of lead generation in this day of digital marketing. But while most people think of blogs, ebooks, or PDFs, written content is not the only content you can use to bring in quality leads for your brand. Many marketers have turned to video marketing, especially for leads who need to be more visually engaged with the content. 

What Is Video Lead Generation?

The goal of lead generation is to get the contact information — name and email address and/or phone number — of a potential lead. That way you can send them targeted ads and promotions in order to incentivize them to make a purchase. This is most often done with a signup form blocking gated content, but it can be effective with video lead generation. 

A video may be locked behind a signup gate. When you take this approach, you should use an informative video such as a tutorial, a tips video, or more. No one wants to fill out a signup form just to get an ad. But even ads can be used for lead generation, when done effectively and given a strong call to action. You may also add videos to landing pages in order to improve the user experience.

Benefits of Video Lead Generation?

Videos, like blogs or ebooks, are an investment of time and resources, but one that often pays off. Here are the benefits of video lead generation:

Videos Are Visual and Auditory Content

63% of the population are visual learners and 30% are auditory learners. Videos are both, making them even more likely to stick with people. Similar studies have shown that people tend to retain 80% of what they see as opposed to 20% of what they read. This is why videos can be more effective at getting the attention of your audience than big walls of text. And indeed, 66% of consumers prefer video content.

Videos Build Trust

It’s one thing to read many reassuring statements in text, but it’s another to see the face behind those words and to have them explain it. People are more likely to trust and relate to your brand after a video rather than after reading a blog.

Videos Make Your Content More Dynamic

Video content does not mean you will never blog or create landing pages. In fact, it’s good for SEO to have some written content. Video content, however, can offer a little variety to keep your content marketing from becoming too same-y. 

Tips for Video Lead Generation

Want to try some video lead generation for yourself? Like anything else, it requires you to know the proper techniques and strategies in order to be successful. Here are our top tips for video lead generation:

#1 – Always Have a Clear CTA

So your video is engaging and many viewers want to follow up with you to learn more. Do they know how? You always want to make sure to include a clear call-to-action (CTA): a website, a phone number, something that is easy to remember and sticks in the viewer’s mind. You may have to try out multiple CTAs to see what works best for you.

#2 – Add Videos To Your Newsletter or Gated Content

Adding videos to your regular newsletter or your gated content is a great way to boost the value of that content and make people more likely to sign up. When you express that you offer exclusive video content in your newsletters, leads know that they’re getting more than just another dressed up blog. 

#3 – Introduce Long Blogs With Videos

Long blogs are great for SEO and great for users who like to read rich, informative content. But not everyone will have the patience for it. Consider adding a short video — two or three minutes — that breaks down the main points of the blog. This way even if users don’t read the blog, they will likely watch the video. With a good CTA, you may still be able to find a new lead.

#4 – Utilize YouTube Cards 

If you watch many YouTube videos, you’ve probably seen, towards the end of a video, a thumbnail that pops up and leads you to another video. This is called a card and you can use it to generate more engagement with your brand. For instance, if someone finds your video on YouTube, add a card linking them to a video with related or similar content. This will keep them down a trail of your content, building familiarity and trust and, hopefully, interest.

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