What Is Targeted Lead Generation

What Is Targeted Lead Generation

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What Is Targeted Lead Generation

Lead generation can be tricky. It’s one thing to draw interest to your website, but it takes some finesse to hold that interest. You’re not the only marketer that struggles with figuring out the right formula. According to SEMRush, attracting high quality leads is often considered the greatest challenge for marketers.

Targeted lead generation could be just the holistic and personal approach you need. With targeted lead generation, you can speak directly to your audience’s interests and create a more effective strategy for bringing in new quality leads.

What Is Targeted Lead Generation?

Targeted lead generation involves breaking your target audience into smaller segments based on demographics and interests. In doing so, marketers can use different lead generation strategies on different target audiences. This ensures that the most effective lead generation strategy is utilized on each consumer and hopefully leads to more conversions. It also helps businesses to identify their preferred customer amongst a larger audience pool.

Benefits of Targeted Lead Generation

The question is, does targeted lead generation actually pay off? Every lead generation strategy has its fair share of risk, but overall, targeted lead generation is found to be very effective. Some of the benefits include:

More Sales Conversions

At the end of the day, this is what it comes down to. The goal of lead generation is to convert those leads into sales and, hopefully, loyal customers. By using a lead generation strategy that speaks to your audience’s individual interests and needs, you’re more likely to get a bite that could lead to a sale.

Focuses Your Team

When you try to please everyone with your lead generation efforts, the task can feel a little overwhelming. It can also leave your marketing team feeling without a sense of direction. By zooming in on specific segments of your target audience, you can give your team a clearer sense of direction.

Fosters Stronger Customer Understanding and Relationships

As you break down your target audience into smaller segments, you can better understand the preferences, interests, behavior, and issues facing those segments. This will change the way you view your products and services, as you begin to see them through the lens of your customers. It can also help to foster stronger relationships with customers down the road.

Boosts Your Visibility

If you don’t want your promotion emails to end up in a spam or trash folder, try sending email campaigns that relate to the recipient. Customers don’t want an inbox full of emails that waste their time. By targeting your lead generation strategies to them, your emails are much more likely to stand out. As your business grows from loyal customers that come as a result of your targeted lead generation, so does your visibility.

Targeted Lead Generation Strategies

There are a few tactics that you can put to use when trying to create targeted lead generation. Once you’ve split your target audience into segments, here are a few strategies you can consider:

Create a Target Audience Profile

We’ve discussed creating a target audience profile in a previous blog. This is a strategy that involves creating a profile of a fictional character based on your ideal customer. You can make a target audience profile for each of your target audience segments, and use this for reference in your lead generation process.

Book Events Where Your Audience Will Be

Conventions, seminars, or networking events can be a great way to make connections and generate leads. Try to book a table or a speaking time slot at these events. While online events are great, try to make sure you find some offline events, as well. This will boost your visibility with that target audience, and these events are perfect for forming holistic connections with audiences, face-to-face.

Add a Live Chat Widget

Targeted emails are a great way to stay visible with your potential targeted leads. However, a live chat widget can offer instant communication with potential leads. You can take their questions directly, and by helping them, you can even build the relationship with your potential leads before they become your customers. Trust and human communication is essential when it comes to targeted lead generation.

Used LinkedIn To Find Targeted Leads

This is particularly a good strategy for B2B. LinkedIn may not be the trendiest or most popular social media amongst consumers, but it is very popular for businesses. Make connections on LinkedIn and make use of LinkedIn ads to target the businesses that might be perfect customers of your products or services.

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