Boosting Your Brand on Social Media Valentine’s Day Edition


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Boosting Your Brand on Social Media Valentine’s Day Edition

Social media is essential for any brand that has a digital presence. It’s a great way to build a following, engage with your customers and target audience, and keep everyone up-to-date on your news. You might not have the time to update your website any time anything exciting happens in your fast-paced industry, but you likely have time to shoot out a tweet or an Instagram reel.

Holidays offer a special opportunity to boost your brand on social media in creative ways. Here are a few tips for ways you can take your social media marketing to the next level this Valentine’s Day.

Promote Your Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Do you have an online store? A Valentine’s Day gift guide can help customers find the perfect gifts for their loved ones, as well as promote some of your new products to potentially new audiences. Consider writing a blog as a Valentine’s Day gift guide, with your recommendations for every kind of gift recipient. From there, you can share the link to your gift guide across social media.

You’ll want to share this a few times: once at the beginning of the month, or even towards the end of January. Then as Valentine’s Day comes closer, you can share it again for those last minute shoppers.

Share Your Favorite Love Stories

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love! Celebrate it by sharing some of your favorite love stories. If you can connect these stories back to your brand, great. If not, just an engaging social media post can help you gain followers and brand recognition. If you don’t have stories to share, consider asking your followers to share their own stories. How did they meet their significant other? This will help you engage and build trust with your audience.

Spread Love To Your Followers

One way that you can build trust and engagement with your followers is to share some of your love with them on Valentine’s Day. Make a few posts letting them know how much you appreciate everyone who has engaged with your brand. You can make a cute post with some kind of pop culture reference, or you can simply stick with something sincere. It’s the thought that counts here.

Host Promotions and Giveaways

But why not take it a step further than thoughts and sentiments? Maybe you could run a limited time Valentine’s Day promotion. Share a promo code on your social media stories or tweet it out for the duration of the promotion. You can also consider doing a giveaway for a select number of followers who share the post — all in celebration for your valentines, your customers.

Follow the Memes

Take a look at the popular memes going around this Valentine’s Day. One popular recurring trend is making digital Valentine’s Day cards designed to mimic the sort of Valentine’s Day cards that kids would share with their classmates in school. You can do this with your products or with other fun references to your brand. Look at any trends of videos that might be going around TikTok and consider making one of your own.

Using these memes — successfully — can show that your brand has the finger on the pulse of current pop culture. It shows your relevance to your target audience, especially younger target audiences. It’s also a fun and creative way to gain more engagement and grow your audience. Memes are ultimately a specific joke, so have fun with it!

Share Some of Your Loves

How personal is your brand? If you often show yourself in your social media posts, Valentine’s Day could be a good time to take a picture with your significant other, business partner, close friend, or even a beloved pet. When involving other people, of course, you want to always get their consent to be featured on your social media. But this can add a personal touch that can make you — and your brand — more approachable.

If you tend to be separated from your brand, you could post about your employees, your customers, or just some things that your brand “likes.” This is a great way to make a fun nod to some of your products and services, as well as show off your brand voice.

Encourage Self Love on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be polarizing for many consumers. If they’re single, they may feel that this is a holiday designed to “rub it in” or make them feel bad about being single. Combat this by sharing posts that promote self love on Valentine’s Day. Encourage them to treat themselves by buying their own Valentine’s Day gift. You don’t need another person to make your day!

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