How to Tackle Black Friday and Holiday Sales on Your Social Media

How to tackel black friday on your social media - upcision

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How to Tackle Black Friday and Holiday Sales on Your Social Media

Black Friday may have come and gone, but holiday sales are just getting started. If your sales and marketing teams are prepared, this could be one of the most profitable times of the month for your business. If you’re not prepared, you could lose valuable opportunities for sales. So, how do you make the most of your Black Friday and holiday sales? You’ll want to promote them on social media. Here are our tips to do so effectively.

Start the Buzz Early

Don’t just drop in the day after Thanksgiving and tell everyone you have a Black Friday or holiday sale. You want to work to build anticipation. Get a buzz going in the days or weeks leading up to your sale. Tease a few of the products that will be going on sale. You can also drop clues about your special holiday deal. For instance, use your Instagram grid or stories to tease the sale out little by little until the day finally comes. You could also post a countdown across your social media accounts to really build up anticipation.

Offer an Early Bird Special

An early bird special is a Black Friday or holiday sale that kicks off before the sale typically begins. This gives your sale a longer run, but only to those who are actually paying attention to your brand. You can use this to build more of a following. Encourage users to follow you on social media or post a link to your  newsletter so they can be the first to know when your sale starts. This will give you more leads even after Black Friday ends, and you can continue to promote your holiday sales to those leads through newsletters.

Emphasize the Urgency

Nothing motivates buyers like urgency. It’s easy for someone to see news of a sale and think, “Oh, I’ll get to that later.” But if they know that it only lasts for a limited time, they may be more motivated to act. In your social media images or promotions, make sure to tell users that there is only a limited stock or that the sale will only last for a period of a few days. Potential buyers who may have been on the fence will likely jump at the chance to actually close the sale before they lose their chance.

Catch the Eye

Don’t just make a text post saying that you have a holiday sale coming. Catch the eye of your target audience with attractive images. Show off your products or create custom graphics to promote your sale. You can also make videos, whether a short ad promoting your sale or a behind-the-scenes video as you show a peek behind the curtain getting ready for the sale. When you catch the eye of your audience with imagery, they’re much more likely to follow up and take interest in your sale. In fact 62% of customers say that photos influence their purchase decisions.

Host a Holiday Giveaway

What’s better than a holiday sale? A holiday giveaway, of course. Consider launching a giveaway for a few of your products on social media. Promote that heavily for the week surrounding the giveaway. At the end, you can celebrate the giveaway winners with a video or image. You can then transition by reminding those who didn’t win the giveaway that there is a holiday sale going on and they may still be able to find exactly what they want at great discounted rates.

Work With Influencers

You can also work with influencers to boost the good news of your sale. Consider sponsoring an influencer who is popular with your target audience. You can send them a few free products or give them an affiliate link. They can enjoy your products for themselves and then promote your sale on their platforms. You can share that on your own platforms to spread the buzz that you are working with this particular beloved influencer.

Don’t Forget About Pinterest

You may have plenty of posts about your holiday sale on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. But Pinterest should not be neglected in your holiday rush. Pinterest may have a limited capacity as a social media platform, but the capacity it does have can be excellent for promoting your sale. Make pins of some of your favorite products and make sure to add in the description that there is a holiday sale currently going on. If you have any videos or images promoting your holiday sale, you can pin these, as well.

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