Here’s Why Remote Work is Here to Stay

Heres why remote work is here to stay

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Here’s Why Remote Work is Here to Stay

COVID-19 accelerated the inevitable, with remote work being a part of this. The Internet has evolved enough to make working from home or working from anywhere feasible, but some people want to dive into change unless someone pushes them in. While some think that remote work will go down whenever the pandemic comes to a close, that’s not necessarily the case. Let’s look at some reasons why.

Many Businesses Are Doing it

Over 60 percent of businesses around the world have remote working in some incarnation. Over half of the workers have a flexible schedule, which is a large jump from 1999. The idea of white-collar work coming in the form of an office cubicle in some skyscraper does not have to be the normal anymore.


You Can Access a Bigger Market

It’s always important for you to find newer markets and clients, and remote work can make that happen. This is because you are not limited to a 30-mile or so radius, but instead, the world is your limit.


Employees Are Happy

Many employees who work from home tend to be happier and more productive. Being in a place they are comfortable with seems to make them happy and more productive. If they have pets, working from home can help with productivity too.


More Profits, Lower Overheads

If you are looking to increase productivity, your business can benefit from having a work from home option. Productivity seems to increase as employees have a more effective way to work that lacks commuting. Plus, you don’t have to spend money renting an office or paying other bills associated with that. Many companies are finding that they can save over $10K and increase their profits by over 20 percent.


You Can Hire Better Employees

Many talented employees have higher standards. In other words, they want the freedom that working from home brings, and they won’t settle for anything else. By having the option available, you’re not only casting a bigger net, but you’re moving your boat to the area of the ocean where the big fishes gather.


It Retains Employees

Employees need to be happy, and it’s been proven that working from home helps. It can reduce stress, make employees less sick, and employees have more freedom while still being productive. The office cubicle can rarely bring this.



Remote work is here to stay. While traditional work still has its place in the world, working from home is rising as the preferred way to be an employee.

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