6 Sales Trends Dominating the Market in 2023

6 sales trends dominating the market in 2023 - upcision

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6 Sales Trends Dominating the Market in 2023

Trends come and go — but big ones make an impact while they’re here. There’s a reason why good marketers or sales professionals will watch the trends that rise each year so that their sales strategies don’t become old-fashioned. And there have been several sales trends of 2023 that have made waves.

Let’s break down what some of those trends are and how you can continue to use them as we near the end of 2023 and prepare for 2024.

#1 – AI Streamlines the Sales Process

AI seems to be everywhere, and it’s no surprise that sales professionals are finding that it has the potential to make their day easier. Harvard Business Review has found that over 40% of sales tasks can actually be automated.

Of course, there’s a challenge to this, as well, since customers tend to respond best to a personal touch. But when AI covers manual tasks like data entry and vetting leads, sales professionals can handle strategy and sales representatives can handle the customer-facing parts of the job. No need to lose that human touch, and with AI tools, you’ll have more time and energy to do so.

#2 – Sales Based on Values

Customers are inundated with choices on the internet. This can feel overwhelming, but it also means they’re going to be more discerning. That’s why customers often look for companies that have values that align with their needs and their preferences rather than simply going off the product itself. It’s important for brands to flesh out what their values are, as well as their commitments to their customers. Once you have those visible on your website, make sure you live them out in your interactions with customers and the way you conduct your sales.

#3 – More Informed Customers

Another side effect of more discerning customers is that your customers will likely do their own homework on your products and services. They’re not just going to take your word for it. They are scouring reviews, looking at similar offers from other competitors, and looking into your processes where they can to be as informed as possible.

Sales professionals are rising to meet this by boosting transparency in their company, as well as customer service. By better serving the customers they already have, more positive reviews will come in, which will speak well to informed customers.

#4 – Building Relationships through Social Media

Social media makes it possible to have a dialogue with your potential customers even before they make a purchase. You can follow potential customers, respond to their posts and engage with responses to your own posts. Essentially, you can build a relationship with your target audience through social media before they ever become actual customers. This has been shown to boost sales for many different industries. For instance, 80% of B2B sales interactions with buyers occur on “digital channels,” such as social media.

It’s no wonder, then, that in 2023, more and more businesses have been using social media as a resource when it comes to sales. They are building those valuable relationships and establishing their brand on social media, which then goes on to impact their sales.

#5 – Unconventional Approaches

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic — and with more restrictions possibly on the way — consumers are feeling burned out. They’re bored and they’re tired with the old ways that businesses reach out to them for sales. That’s why unconventional, creative approaches are getting more attention.

Entrepreneurs who think outside the box have always walked the fine line between trendsetter and oddball, hoping to land on one side without delving too deeply into the other. But it seems the early-mid 2020s are a great time to give consumers a breath of fresh air, something to break up the monotony. Don’t be afraid to try out your odder ideas, and you might just set a trend.

#6 – More than Customer Support

Customer support means that you are there to help answer any questions your customers might have and resolve any issues they have with purchasing your products or services. But these days, good customer service is the baseline of what you should offer. Instead, customers want to know that you care about them and you are invested in their success.

Brands are working this into their sales pitches. They want customers to use their products and services, because they want them to succeed! They want their lives, their work, etc. to drastically improve — and they believe that their offerings are just the tools their customers need to make that happen.

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