5 Ways to Boost Your Google Traffic


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5 Ways to Boost Your Google Traffic

To those who are new to marketing, Google may feel like a catch-22 of sorts. The more Google traffic your webpage receives, the higher it’s ranked on Google searches. But how can you get Google traffic if your page is ranked so low on Google in the first place?

Fortunately, there’s more to search engine optimization (SEO) than that. You can use SEO strategies to make your site more relevant to certain specific searches and ensure that it shows up for people. And of course the more people visit your website, the more it will climb Google’s rankings. So let’s talk about some ways to boost your Google traffic, especially if you’re a beginner at digital marketing.

#1 – Build a Network of Links

Having a network of links can be a great way to help boost your Google traffic. There are two types of links you want to build: backlinks and internal links.

Backlinks are other reputable websites in your industry linking back to your page. You can do this by referencing them in one of your blogs or webpages and then emailing them to let them know you did so, or asking to collaborate. It’s ultimately up to the other company whether or not they would backlink to your site, but you can put in the work.

Meanwhile, internal links are links to your webpages that you include in other webpages. When you write about a topic you’ve referenced before, you can link that post within the new content. Or if you have associated services, you might add links between those pages. This builds a network within your website so that your readers can easily move from one page to the next.

#2 – Create Engaging Content

Even after all these years of content creation, content remains king. Consumers like to find content that is interesting, relevant, and helpful to them. Often, this is written content such as blogs, landing pages, or whitepapers. However, video content has also risen in popularity. Video content can be more engaging for those who don’t have the attention to read a wall of text. Infographics and eye-catching images also make for great content.

You can share this content on social media, linking back to your website. This will help to establish your brand’s authority, as well as drive your Google traffic. By using the right keywords naturally (without keyword stuffing) in your content and descriptions, you can also boost your traffic through Google.

#3 – Become an Expert on a Topic

Expertise is one of the leading factors that can help boost your Google traffic. Your target audience is looking for helpful information from people who know what they’re talking about. If you can become an expert in a particular topic or a niche, this can help you move up the ranks in Google searches.

Consider creating a pillar page, where you write a long-form piece of content going in-depth about the topic in which you are an expert. Cite reliable sources and really dig into everything there is to know about that topic. From there, you can create cluster content, such as supporting blog posts touching on the same topic. When you do so, you can link back to your pillar page to help it gain more visibility.

#4 – Use Analytics

Look for an analytics dashboard that you can use to measure the amount of traffic you’re already generating on your website. How many visitors come, how long do they stay, and how often do they bounce? This can give you a sense of your consumer preferences so you can cater your website accordingly.

In fact, you can even use Google Analytics to track your webpage traffic as well as your social media ads and other efforts. Because this is connected to Google, you can easily see how your Google traffic is affected all from one dashboard.

#5 – Use Google Ads

Another Google resource that you can use to boost your Google traffic is Google Ads. Google ads are a pay-per-click service that allows your webpage to be pushed to the top of a Google search as an ad. You can set your own budget cap and once you reach that amount of clicks, the ad stops running for the month. If you need to adjust your budget, you can easily do so.

Obviously the more you put into your budget, the more engagement you’ll get. However, even if you only have a small ad budget, this could give you the little leg up you need to bring more traffic to your website and help raise your page organically through Google’s rankings.

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