7 SaaS Applications That Will Boost Your Business

7 SaaS applications that will boost your business

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7 SaaS Applications That Will Boost Your Business

Do you know the best SaaS applications? This software is currently one of the most used by small and large companies worldwide.

And it is not by chance the position it has. It is all due to the benefits and advantages that this cloud-based software has to offer.

But so that you learn a little more about this wonderful technological solution, we invite you to know the 07 best applications that you can find in SaaS.


Before presenting the list of the 07 best SaaS applications, we want you to know that we have compiled those that, due to their advantages, popularity, and practicality, help improve business processes.

And although we have not established order, it is specific to show you those we consider outstanding.

1. HOOTSUITE (Social Media Marketing and Management Panel): With this tool, you can easily manage and also track the different social media channels. See and interact with followers from the same SaaS on other platforms instantly; you will be able to perform tasks such as a) Obtain reports, metrics, and analytics; b) Create a directory; c) Campaign creation and management Ad.

2. Bit.ai (file and document management software): it is a new generation tool that allows you to work as a team to create and organize documents in one place, either internally or with clients. It is an intelligent form of communication and collaboration.

3. Time Doctor (time tracking and employee supervision): it is perfect for monitoring the time for remote workers. You can schedule the time your staff is working and precisely know how much time they spend in the daily activities assigned.

4. Zendesk (Live Chat): a real added value that companies can show is the opportunity for real-time and live interaction with customers through a chat. It is a free tool, handy for both large and medium-sized and small companies.

5. ProofHub (Project Management): the software that every manager wants to make the assignment, monitoring and controlling tasks efficient and effective, the visualization of jobs, and much more.

6. Zoom (cloud-based video conferencing application): It is an easy, reliable, and very stable tool designed for video conferencing, chatting, seminars. One of the most fantastic attractions of this application is hosting up to 1,000 video participants and 10,000 viewers.

7. Bamboo HR (human resources management software): it is a human resources management software that serves as a support and impetus for the prioritization of high priority tasks. With BambooHR, you can view job offers with details such as title, salary, location; You can also see the workflows, the logs among others.

SaaS applications make performance, efficiency, and effectiveness at work easy.

Maximize your company in support of these applications, and do not stay with just knowing these. 

Invest your time in seeing all the tools SaaS has for small, medium, and large companies

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