Clubhouse B2B A Powerful Marketing Strategy​

Clubhouse B2B

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Clubhouse B2B A Powerful Marketing Strategy​

For B2B, the responsibility of attracting customers is a challenge to face every day. That is why staying connected and updated about the new trends in online relationships is extremely important if you want to be competitive in all aspects.


One of the current platforms that are very interesting due to the results that some have obtained and its growth potential is Clubhouse. One of the young social media platforms on the market, but with a moderately accelerated growth trend.


Clubhouse has a pretty striking particularity, first of all, it is pretty exclusive, only for guests, and only for audio. The word alone denotes how inaccessible it is to many people and the opportunities for those who know how to take advantage of it.


What is beneficial about it?


The type of people who interact on these platforms is related to the business world; The topics discussed here are high-level related to commerce, sales, marketing, and technology.


Imagine this, you want to negotiate with a known and strong Brand in the market you manage, but you don’t know how to access some of its executives; Worse still, you have no idea how to reach them, and you are in the design phase of strategies to be able to find a date.


What if, in the middle of a chat or forum, you have the opportunity to speak with that sales executive? Better yet, hear first-hand what they think about a topic related to your business.


For example, this is precisely what happened to Elon Musk, who recently had the opportunity to enter a discussion room and question the CEO of Robinhood Markets, Vlad Tenev. Elon Musk got his goal!


Second, this platform is quite interesting concerning the topics discussed here, several clubs deal with technology, such as The Digital Transformation Club, which has 27,200 followers, All Things Cyber Security with 700 followers, and AI, Robotics, and Automation with 5,200.


So, if you have a B2B brand and want to project it, taking advantage of this tool is an intelligent strategy.




In the previous section, we saw some of the benefits that B2B can obtain if they take advantage of the opportunities of connection to the platforms. However, other advantages or direct benefits will make your B2B brand grow in projection.


  • Strengthening of the position as opinion leaders.
  • Engage with B2B influencers.
  • Obtain helpful information for marketing campaigns.
  • Possibility of providing brand credibility.
  • Establishment of business relationships with influential players in the industry.




Since Clubhouse offers the possibility to interact with high-level employees and key decision-makers of different brands, and, in addition, to meet users with interests and experience similar to those of your industry in a faster way than with traditional methods.


It turns out to be an exciting tool to include in B2B marketing strategies. Therefore, many are already adopting it, and others are trying to enter because, although this is a relatively new social media platform, it is a trend within the business world.

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