How Can I Increase My Marketing Roi This 2021?

How can I increase my marketing ROI this 2021

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How Can I Increase My Marketing Roi This 2021?

If there is something that B2B marketers are interested in, it can have control over the rates of return on investments made, that is, ROI.
2020 was a year of many difficult challenges to overcome. The pandemic brought obstacles that were unknown and, therefore, significant consequences in the rates of return.

However, by 2021 many have already turned their strategies around, considering new scenarios that allow them to have the indicators in positive values, despite all the post-pandemic external threats.
The most critical challenge for B2B marketers is to design strategies with reduced budgets that are effective, productive, assertive, and of course, approved by managers.

Well, despite the conditions and obstacles that 2020 generated, content marketing is still a priority. Therefore, the best advice or the best recommendation we can make is to take all the learning of 2020 and focus on maximum to increase your ROI by 2021.

To achieve this, you can direct your focus on prioritizing activities that allow you to have the maximum marketing ROI by 2021.



1. Invest in the foundation of your brand:
For growth to be real, the brand’s creation and permanent projection should not be forgotten as its primary objective. The definition of the unique value proposition, the profiling of the ideal client, the mission statement, vision, and values, are powerful competitive differentiators. Whether you are creating or strengthening a Brand, do not miss this opportunity. Investing in this area takes time, but it gives sure results.

2. Don’t overlook operations and technology:
Marketing generators quickly oversee operations. But this must not be so!
Linking ROI to marketing spend are critical areas for prioritization. In this sense, you can use technological tools that allow you to monitor and analyze your strategies for making decisions about the actions to follow based on the increase in return on investments. Make the most of technology is an ally in improving the user experience and increasing revenue.

3. Focus on what generates a positive impact on ROI:
There are many marketing strategies but do not disperse your efforts in all. Simplification is the key. Please take a look at what has historically worked for your customers, and focus on improving and maintaining it. Distribute and focus your resources on what you know works and is right for your audience. 

Of course, it’s always good to try new things, but keep this in mind:
If it does not give you the results you expected, do not focus on investing all your time in achieving it because it worked for someone else. What works for you make it grow while you try new reinforcement strategies.



In marketing, this from the past does not work much. Campaigns that you applied in previous years can be useful again.

Opportunities are repetitive in the digital marketing business, look to the future, but occasionally review and reflect on what worked for you in the past with your clients.

Focus this 2021 on increasing your marketing ROI.

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